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  1. On the bright side
  2. U better be scared for ur life
  3. Escambia County Sheriff's Department
  4. Honestly
  5. The school also said thanks.
  6. Why is literally every top blog a PYN
  7. good nite to whoever threw that lemon
  8. Can you say... magnetic?
  9. still accepting late bday presents
  10. wow i was going to join this week
  11. I think its SOO hilarious
  12. Since when has Kansas City
  13. Adele separated from her husband
  14. Claiming tomorrows Stars
  15. Where my brown people at?
  16. How's the wooden leg?
  17. Bbcan7 is going to
  18. Daily PSA
  19. Some of you did not experience
  20. Survive. Race. Get Paper.
  21. The border patrol being eliminated in TAR31
  22. Link to cbs stream?
  23. Because I'm tony.
  24. Let's try this again
  25. What is tonite's cbs schedule
  28. Also, why is
  29. I feel like
  30. My holiday wish for you is that you will
  31. Ugh can these homeless not stare
  32. Water fountains at this gym arent workimg
  33. Wow I turn 2 decades in less than 30 min
  34. Susie Smith wins Survivor 40: Winners Circle
  35. I need attention
  36. Pierced my nose!
  37. I used a tengaged blog
  38. How is avicii releasing music
  39. No offense but
  40. Omg is that a gagaluv design

Survivor EoE Ranking + Review

Apr 11, 2019 by _Adidas_

- Im still very much anti Wentworth
- Lauren has grown on me her determination is superior and i can see her winning if she makes it to the end, however at this point i dont see it happening just yet, i do think she has a guaranteed spot to return in the future nonetheless. I diddnt like her simply because of her association with wentworth and bc she was strategically placed on her tribe to idolize her and allign with her
- The og Kama members fighting is so stupid. literally allowing their own alliance to crumble simply to have a resume and leting Lesu slip away... this is Malcomn and Denise all over again
- Victoria is the only sane one wanting to target lesu meanwhile everyone else from Kama wanted to turn on echother when the just keep losing numbers
- Julie delivering but yikes this tribal was so bad for her game
- this season dynamics are so fucked rn


wtf is the game
Sent by AustinRules6969,Apr 11, 2019
Ewww, the fact you put that bitch julie so high and Queen Julia so low.....
Sent by MrPokeguy9,Apr 11, 2019
Sent by BritishRomeo17,Apr 11, 2019

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