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Jun 7, 2016 by Zbase4
it wont make sense.
Hello what is your name my name is Michael Symon can you tell me a little bit about your growing up in the Soviet Union how it was growing up in a country that isn't America how you became American basically just a little bit about your own personal story and then 1969 Overland engineering mechanical engineer common after that I well I didn't mean it but it seems like she was over there by the 9th is when the Soviet Union collapse arsenic an independent like an independent country so after that is 97 I came to the US and while there were many reasons behind but one of the reasons for the school that we would you send it off so we didn't feel ready and I will come but we really want us to you know to leave him there different kinds right like you are here I am there page I was also looking to do a PhD degree central grade school in Boston and I did my PhD in you're in the air in Boston Massachusetts so that's pretty much how it came to be that so tell me a little bit more about growing up in the Soviet Union how was it like being in a country that was Communist anti-communist it's been one of the countries that fought one of the countries that had a proxy war with the Soviet Union the Cold War alright so how was growing up in the hood laconia needs to the correct scientific playoff just grind them and also tried to kiss the rain and it was considered a significant role in scientific and social studies and for all what's taller hysteria and stole our society and the theater was siciliano's Lauren the ones that capitalism because everything belongs to this republic Colorado lamb you know the private owners and that the more Progressive more of the ones we were looking at station on the society which was considered the socialism but it should pretty well I'm sure they have water and then there is a fight between me and the socialism and hoping all the Progressive Progressive trance in various countries so that I can do it so can you tell me more about the ideological was it like growing up in a country with such a different economic system play videos whatever amount of products like milk by the way out of the pool to the closest way for this so late but it's planned and often it's not enough for you know I just give it another thought to myself things which nobody at 1 so probably I can see my point of view you always needs to make efforts to find a product which you want to buy them so it's one side of that so there is a little hole with a difficult to get all products not many types of letters to all those calls whenever the throne and everything but if you could like one of those like that it was me to 24 and types of cars for different models of cars and they were everywhere it's not like in America where you have many hundreds of different it all models of cars and they change every year so it's one side of that enough sledgehammer think it's 3 o'clock and also it's not too much for you tomorrow the TV for example everything should be approved by some Authority what you can show on TV about even showing the movie theater so everything is strictly controlled by the government or by a non-government when touched so tell me more about like the various historical events that happened during your time living in the Soviet Union like you were alive during the 1980s so you're alive under Reagan you are alive under the collapse obviously so tell me more like how did Reagan change display how did Reagan's election changed the Soviet Union like what changed after Reagan was elected 500 North America 1980 people that are on the side view of what happened to slim jim a car with a weak president lost money but also most significant one of them in the garage so we can google Play download wi-Fi Arduino and he decided to take a shot of Doctor Who can I put a lot of pressure on the Soviet Union in terms of funds and many other situations which put a lot of pressure on the governors of the USSR and eventually it well there was somebody there so little like all the others like me who was waiting to see if I'm told and asked if she was 75 years old promise me union just wasn't enough money enough for a solar system build military which would compete with the US so that caused a lot of problems to work on the Minotaur how did this affect you personally does economic problems converse play one of more and more independent dependency end gorbachev was willing to give them some but they wanted more and eventually they at some point they declare themselves independent but it was like a coffee or some other I never want to try them back they tried to remove Governor from power in 1991 which didn't happen because people didn't support them people supposed to be in all the forms and you have more freedom more openness and it is resolved in the Ukraine on the positive and jobs and Republic coldest States in mind instead of the Soviet Union there or 15 different republics there so instead of the Soviet Union we who are 50 in different states so tell me about like your own personal experience growing up in the Soviet Union like what was the school you attended how were like the power was growing up in Leningrad st. Petersburg in the 1980's in the 1980s what was much worse for in a human interest and that type of thing so it's a lot of you know more traditional old-fashioned type homework Larry Jordan Plus uniform can I go to school the same one in the entire Soviet Union and it was a lot of discipline so it was more like old-fashioned way for the log splitter away last name in American schools class and it worked well at least for some people it worked well for you cash and then mathematics and sometimes as I think it was much worse when it comes to language when it's gone so if your mind is in social studies book subjects were much more ideological and they hold more surprised by the communist ideology but when it comes to mathematics and that article physics it was quite well there and to be patient level was quite high so I would say it's not much free time that I was not much for you I'm like what even cried for all the things I like it here though we didn't spend a lot of stuff and I always thought it was the same thing that you started here but I was saying so different from American schools so tell me a little bit more about st. Petersburg how was it different from the way it is today how was it how was the Leningrad of 1980 different from the st. Petersburg 2016 how many shops are there any small cut fast that I wish didn't exist 30 years ago so I would say that I changed it for them people change then there also it would have been a lot of activities so I can get scratches off so tell me more about like the rest of the country like you've been to Ukraine you'v and it was a tricky question for the central government what policy provide in order for them to be interested to be part of the Soviet Union because you don't really want to be there when you suppress everybody Every Other Nation but you don't also want to give too much Freedom so the structure was that the Republic's was technically considered independent Stave independent contractor 15 independent states and the Soviet Union is like and I'm jealous that I'm talking to that other guy didn't do much without them in from Moscow So the faster you go to Moscowe been to Georgia given to some of these other republics how exactly did they choose Independence she talked a little bit about it why exactly did these republics have such an independence movement and the baltics especially like what what made them 1 independence from the Soviet Union copa Airline jobs and so on so you can dance whatever they want to do a little bit more independent life and they have their own language and culture can live by themselves without Russell Wilson and lost their independence and let most people that are wanted to return it back so I would say that we both liked her where is western Oregon Drive Marion OH westlake sometimes Spotify available in Switzerland little people who wanted Independence it's not the majority in 1991 came when the Central BBQ I also decided that he also wants to us the right to withdraw from the Soviet Union and become an independent country we should leave or on paper but we wanted to become an independent America soviet Union was dissolved so tell me a little bit about Afghanistan so there is obviously a war in Afghanistan the Soviet Union in the late seventies early 1980s was involved war in Afghanistan they lost so tell me how like your own your own personal experiences growing up in one of the Soviet Union was in such a war like how did it affect you personally that you know anyone in Afghanistan that you meet with anybody in Afghanistan was it like no I didn't know anyone who was in the band so I know you can't win this war because it's a matter of conscience anyway not for socialism communism so this where was it and put it on one of the reasons I was 18 years old from the past 8 years I forgot this is what caused that collapse automatic alarm so call Jerry know that this isolation which was broken because of embargoes because of this situation because of the change itself politics so it's a tremendous consequences for the Soviet Union and I think it was actually for and which caused the collapse so switching topics a little bit so you moved here in 1997 several years after the collapse of the Soviet Union so you left after the Soviet Union was gone and he lived in Russia and Russia was a new one with more democratic country are there elections and stuff like that so why did you leave Russia at a time where it looked like it had a brighter future then perhaps the Soviet Union to how many people were in the final battle found that a little too many problems there of course so many positive changes but it was still very many but I'm still drinking so many reasons why it was not that attractive the legal system which was there was not really it was good it was very corrupt or corruption
So I will say that I'm for political reasons so tell me a little bit about being Jewish and the Soviet Union so you grew up after Stalin after they call the purges and also like restrictions but tell me a little bit about growing up in a communist didn't recognize Diane is a manly didn't recognize Israel and how did like that effect you personally living in the Soviet Union el Paso so there was a lot of tension there when it comes to draw up the promotion b12 Bingo meter to unit level 7 professions where Jews will not accept that so there was a lot of tension about that and I'm sure they'll do is work and see the reply V cologne that people fall the Soviet Union and its own processor and of course I was supposed to send it to you when I'm on piano general population so that combined you was really didn't feel very welcome in the Soviet Union and many of them wanted to leave and there was underground Zionist activity activity but if you the government didn't believe them they wanted to go to the time they're going to leave it up to you a little later so I can for you know what it is. So tell me how did that affect you personally the Soviet like anti-zionism Amelie how long will see how that affects you personally because when I was in high school over there the Soviet Union was well it was good but sure if I know better I know that but in general there was feeling that there is totally no Leslie there and there are some professions where you cannot go different Arizona colleges and universities list for people that have much more limited small-time Servic in order to succeed wearing a regular person can just say regular iPhone okay thank you so I think that's it thank you so much for your interview this is about half an hour a few minutes short but thank you so much for your time just another day without you leslie just a little bit about your own personal story will school in Boston so tell me a little bit more 11 x 81 so there was only one other woman serious or idea that the community is to come price socialism aggressive what does the name in Notre Dame prozac vinyl lattice last so tell me more about the various 1980 so lake Washington after Reagan was elected americans american Heart Association in North America i'm going to stop can we so that I can pick tony ice cream please don't do it download photo amazon samantha Nicole Travolta listen to the song Freedom the Enterprise so remarkable last song pain at the bottom of the Dominican Republic call Massage Time in Maine specialties tell me about. Civilian Lakewood the school you attended how was growing up in Leningrad st. Petersburg the 1988 discipline so a bit different from American schools so tell me a little bit more about like st. Petersburg Atlanta how was it different from the way it is today how is it how was the Leningrad of 1980 different from the st. Petersburg onePlus so alvin TX can you been to Georgia you've been to some of these are Republic independence question for the central government what is another gwinnett k12 24 Independence Day baltic republics where is Western Orlando quest 64 ellen comes to the Central Asian States I think so tell me a little bit about it and so there is obviously a war banana so tell me how like your own your own personal experiences growing up with and when the Soviet Union was in such a war but how did it affect you personally northern Iowa jennifer's Body will look and see what phineas and Ferb you will learn that what's the name of Charlotte so you moved here in 1997 several years after the collapse the Soviet Union so you left after the meeting you was gone and you live in Russia and Russia was a new more democratic countries elections and stuff like that Joseph so I will say that I'm pulling political reasons and persons so tell me a little bit about being Jewish so you grew up after Stalin after they call the purchase then all the restrictions but tell me a little bit about growing up living in let us consider 6 cards for juice It Up so tell me how does that affect you personally soviet Lakeside Zionism the same when you get off listen there's a reason why he's got 504 block Terrace San Francisco are you guys there already strange things happen in this tournament held on their heart restarted the shows that come on tomorrow 98 Volvo v40 Cross Body San Fernando Valley 3 minute shopping done as fast as I would think I would do it they can just manage to hold it there you go we'll see how that affects you personally because when I was in high school that is affiliated what I was going to show up I know that but it's true but I was feeling hollywood life sometimes small come in time to neither do the dishes and no problems home Depot corporate call new York in the world call of Duty calling all go getters all starters technically I'm driving to 300 actually forgot chicago Arizona navigate to Centerville? I'm here talking about physicians in Chile just about 23 minutes away connect your passion on the Sprint network because when you turbocharged remix wagon Golf GTI available today the good news for those fans in Santa Clara connectnetwork ordering an iihs top safety pick 14 minutes away from Diego and Santa Clara Market download anticipated matches of the entire summer predictions right now connect your passion on the Sprint network independent home championship 2016 insurance in North Carolina Paper Mario Brothers 24 not the way we play this way there's no Clear Choice inside of Levi Stadium in Santa Clara this should be marco's Pizza Milwaukee I'll tomorrow Columbia SC stabbing on the brain of the national anthem of Chile colorado unemployment where 433 Eastland Min ago Heather handy Maria Louise want me some time to time and have to look after you eat as well I'm at the job he has it and he can get the runs in the box but he can also you can also send the Fire gets in there done that Alexis Sanchez hampton Inn Pasadena CA 1993 Minnesota that weighs heavy on the backs of Leonel Messi argentina players on December 11th and that right there shows how cold it is to make sure that the world class players 1993 domino and they lost the ball it back quickly and a lot of numbers the overlapping run new 47500 over basketball Wikipedia 2028 in the World Cup qualifier in Santiago in March for chile took the early lead turn around 1 ohana? Contact Shawna Tripp young Criminal Division 13 target in Panama City Florida really kicked off to go quick the first five minutes of this one very quick as well call me the one that was in the first place it was a fun game ford Quick up Josie at 10:13 with a window highest possible quickly as possible create overload almost the entire season what's a good idea to do it sometime I know this is your busy time to let back sometimes and left-wing women in the world came off their final warm-up game against men mexico jondipo Tienda do I need for one think that we were going to be an Argentinian is going to watch them in their high energy he's going to want to close is going to win the ball as possible and I like I like being left and right back in the lines we got that wrong in the wrong player who was in the office I was supposed to show that was in the offside position just wanted to share a little bit of contact there with her condo Vail main actor from an offside position is better and still take it responsible the outside yoga there's been a quite a few pounds how many miles is it to the first one that comes from the bed in the middle of the field look at this car right through them definition making a decision so quick that is only so much not to mention she leave Argentina 2006 World Cup qualifiers of the sea george Hilles related to that but in general there was a general feeling that Jules I'm not welcome that he's a lot more efforts to succeed than non Jewish people here's a hundred percent baby going on in his life
I need to go to Find tuslaw recording rEI andre Johnson trying to win college first game tonight 3242 around for 3 Days watching everyone else sanchez is right in between the central Defender and right back from a little too far you don't want to go quickly and yellow boa actually moving international wellness fedEx tracking hello is the president Wikipedia Charlotte Avenue proBuild basically communism communism base message to Ridgecrest California basic When Love Is Love You chrysler Building but I think you just explain to the judge and opened the doors to the right just because I'm going to last day down to the amor regresa domino's, what is socialism should I eat feel like another day off and I'm sure around our world I love capitalism social Services jobs the thought of you vicodin overdose more of the reality of it I wasn't around danny DeVito justice songs reproduce whatever amount of products like milk but whatever if they were over on the store's number produce only what is a loop was planned and often is not enough for either it is not enough or too much of a pain it is anything with them and hopefully get enough there is always united States our perception is more problematic and which may be different from what the majority of people there in the study itself but in my view I think that what happened is the least that Jimmy Carter was a very weak president who lost many battles phone number composting fossils in them the most significant of course I am but I understand so is so beautiful soviet leaders felt that he is we can decide to invade afghanistan to send troops to Afghanistan because there were many other situations like the most Oscars like that in the many different parts of the world so it must not be so he can change the Soviet Union or was India wants an idea of what it was that I can change the Soviet Union to the system to improve it come with the system petco soviet Union system. Weather today in either deleted or formal education System of a Down Postal System function oceanographic Florida what's up homo the closest improve it to make socialism better working terms of economics better working or that he needed you he needs you know something you need to modify socialism, can change it to introduce song Freedom Summit truck internship these types of things some small businesses even so that was his policy but he was the life of the lease so it was too he believed that these reforms you can come to this side of the bed yes I'm still going so he thought that that would make socialism stronger eventually he believed that socialism is still better than capitalism spots on them vietnamese via email that's awesome troubles with you're going to have a completely different opinion more freedom more openness and the result interpret the results was another he would like him or nobody special I work well at least for some people work well for education in mathematics and hard Sciences I think it was much worse so I came to when it comes to languages that came to him with his another one of those and social studies because they also just so much more ideological and they were all were suppressed by the communist ideology but when it comes to mathematics and theoretical fit it was quite well there and educate the education level 9 was quite high so I would say not much freedom there was no physical therapy emotions so it said there's not much free time we can have a theater we don't have a lot of sports there we got a lot of classes there when we started more or less the same thing that you study here but I would say a little bit more systematic in with more emphasis on hard Sciences at the west coast of Africa so a bit different from American schools Wesley but I do know that was a totally tell me. Imperial tell me a little bit more about the city grew up in st. Petersburg running how is it different from the way the city of La Mirada 1980 different from st. Petersburg of Steel is still the second largest city in Russia and it was the second largest city in the Soviet Union well one of the leads there are many changes of course there are many first of all first of all if you compare how the streets look like the little buddy there are many businesses there are many shops there there are many small cafes there was standing there sister years ago so I was able to go through this I would say the changes the change of the people changed and there are also a lot of we have a lot of money tell me more about this they always they felt that they had their own language their own culture that they made that day can live by themselves without that they may be can live by themselves it up is everything in motion can give themselves a power washer without the central government you ladies are always popular because they actually were independence Day in the 1920 they just fell so love you want to use their right to withdraw from the Soviet Union and become an independent country kind of countries the 30s. Which day paper what they want to become really independent country is coming country 1991 to really be coming to become really countries but if he is truly independent and dependent it was busy earlier iesi contrast but the method that evening on the move nobody story. Justice. Tell me a little bit of good pianist and there was obviously a war in Afghanistan the Soviet Union in the late 1970 was involved in the war in Afghanistan they lost so because of you so tell me how your own personal experiences growing up in when Ronnie and I when buddy's the Soviet Union was in such a war how did it affect you personally did I put you down on them Sundays ago but did you know anyone in Afghanistan that he will find a buddy in Afghanistan what was it like no I didn't know anyone in Afghanistan but well it's a Well With No Thotties the official policy was that there were certain there was or there were in the room there were certain calmness you needed help from the Soviet Union soviet Union son troops to help them but everybody understood that there was Perhaps Perhaps none of these is true by that I mean by that I mean can win this war because it's a very strong word cuz it's the very first world country which is January not ready for socialism and communism until this war was very unpopular one of the reasons is of course it wasn't popular that stuff it wasn't popping zits it wasn't me of course that there was a draft description was seen anything so everybody had to say you should have seen them in every male who is over 18 years of age 18 years old have to serve in the army the end is not saying no so some people were 18 years old they went into the army they were sent to Afghanistan was not started because it says so so some people who are 18 years old they went to the Army they were sent to Afghanistan and most of them were killed or came back as able to avoid that whatever would I do that so is very important fact I think it made tremendous harm to warm a tremendous time to the Soviet Union that actually leaves if you look into the development of the Soviet Union probability in the last 10 years I think the Afghan war is what is what causes it this is not my number is what caused the collapse of the economy the collapse of culture so they need all this isolation which of the garage because of the embargoes because of the war this situation because of the situation because of the change of policy politics of the Old Republic Cincinnati who is Amanda another reason his office is Russia was moving more towards democracy that wasn't the Kentucky Sports Authority in the nineties but everybody understood that it was very fragile that it will not continue for a long time many people were afraid of that or felt that and there are many problems there was a time of course still very many problems there political but step 4 bones of the body there was one synagogue in st. Petersburg or not at least one or maybe two hundred thousand Jews and st. Petersburg out of there was only one synagogue and all Jewish like to do all that activity because it's all Jewish activity was considered ideologically I'm traveling to the Soviet Union so if you would you think you were considered a suspicious person who may have family in America or in Israel who may or may not be very many not who made who may not be as it looks very loyal to the Soviet Union to the Russians. There was a lot of tension there okay there at the snow that needs when it comes to jobs to Promotions even when he comes to being admitted to universities. There were certain professions were Jews weren't accepted and if so there was a lot of tension about that and in general terms. Solar lawn mower there was a lot of tension about that and in general use were considered just go over there as the fifth column ugly another foster home what's the airport right now. They Don't Know About Us people who are not loyal to the Soviet Union to Russia and of course there was also popular anti-semitism on the general population so all that combined Jews didn't feel so I thought I'd come by and use them feel very welcomed in the Soviet Union and many of them wanted to leave there was underground Zionist activity there was there was because there were activities of refusniks who wanted to leave but the government then permit them computer trusted them they wanted to go to America and so on israel usually see more of those days work for me usually seeking for Religious Freedom korma the song so tell me how did that affect you personally but I didn't know that stuff is poison the Soviet anti-zionism I wish this was the fifth column well it's hard to say how that affected me how that effect me personally because when I was in high school already no more song what are there was a girl already there was a good show up and the Furious 3 and all that but in general there was a Feeling that there was a certain glass ceiling twitch proposal theater are certain professions where you can not go or. There are certain at the there are more Snow Valley it was not it is very difficult to answer certain colleges to answer certain colleges universities and you cannot become less a theoretical physics some physicist let me see the Seas it was very difficult was the 8th president I don't see the system if he succeeds and then it was very difficult to become a doctor so there are many occupations with her clothes for Jews and many young people seen it kids Ugg boots no no no. And many young people teenagers Jewish teenagers they felt that they have much more they have limited opportunities for the future or because it's a much more limited opportunities for the future then the non-jewish so some people try to conceal their jewishness some Russians where I'm happy when you're Jewish but you're saying that you are not Jewish so all these were some type of small contradict his knowledge the proposal if that's okay being Jewish play The Bee Gees find General there was a feeling general feeling another probably a feeling that you are not welcome that you need to do much more after that you need to have need to make they make soda make much more effort to succeed but the new Africa disease and non Jewish people that you need to be perfect in order to succeed while ours can just have regular efforts to succeed so much smoke are you hanging out doing a little bit of money coming in today for the first time and all the Comforts that right now middle of 36 players at all times this team doesn't win this couple they're going to put this 23 year drought of major titles of bed and none of them absolutely right they do was feed out there Walking Dead grampa has been Fast and Furious game to tell anybody not even on the score place 101 Diego Maradona what is it from the crowd at your place that's a good thing how many times bigger one with the confidence in the high energy in them 1992 calendar mary come on on Dish a+ work from Argentina another player marriott when they win the ball be able to quickly like 4 like 24 years of age Sister season hungry Runner girl rihanna or the owner the mountain region 6 minutes of the Copa America last summer and use to substitute appearances in there 6 World Cup qualifiers under Tunnel Bridge oriana long switch trying to figure out driving directions to Gould Arkansas cheats for the side of the finish line navigate to Tactical decision but it's still crushing the ball very hard fort Smith AR marking the whole way gloriana we asked John if they're going to still go forward the answer is absolutely that's one of them that's one of the Defenders getting on the end of a counter-attack could run by the post this week favor call Martinez put on a master class earlier than a Fluidmaster class on counter attack in the second half I meant to give it back as good as he gets it against the pass away but I lost everything that was in this tournament real life 30 years ago stop & Shop Franklin MA furniture clarabella look like he was going to try to play it back to Rojo past was it on she just tries to act like he's going to shoot to the Keeper's right around to his left what is an opt-out was right john that has been the difference between just saw that Argentina clothing 1620 gym Santa Clara chili tomorrow night any questions please call me play Hannah Montana off the rip tomorrow night remind me to get to Costa Rica where you said it was going away a week from tomorrow the 14th panama Philadelphia get to Bolivia NC should I go home on that wonderful day the land of Argentina it was only then that is Argentina who opened up the group on top of things how often are much wiser post game 2 the last of international mail lava daVita show Atlanta in the theaters cash nystatin impressed with Liam interview cotton Eye Joe 8 x 32 danica just letting you know the other one is not robert and serious now stop talking chipotle Andrea ideas for Mother's Day mac Miller lA police gear panera ashanti mother x-ray are there southern:ies let It Go pictures of Silent Earth 3 hello how products Institute i'm thinking uncle dr. Local available I would rather Twitter focus movie kid did I stutter shop to my location hello no it's okay you what you want to do you better not have eaten all the ice cream RI did you no still okay that's good coushatta prank call tuna fish Let It Go hey pick up the phone is a mom there's nobody here oh my God hahaha the I got my score but I also got a little brother cinnamon the dog guided by a beating heart we twinkle Little Star games today dangerous to go to video battlefield 4 Steam can you go to a party American Girl call Jacob Roloff tradeforce Staffing united States on changed for the time that slipped into Columbia informational reference today from Ecuador so they wanted too much acid in stomach this year's competition medication discounts optimum I saw that hold on tight gamboa Gamboa lancaster we commit to a time once upon a time to push that look like I had a dream I was away so I guess we'll shoot for 1 dakota jobs outside of the defendant's legal in the United States I pick up the phone same time tomorrow will it be are you coming in today. Are you at what you doing mark is going to win right I love America Dempsey go burlington wisconsin virginia Beach Virginia but I was going to check the pasta in Pittsburgh grace is millennials half Price Books the records of the storm 525 call sloan Ford Exton i'm going to set up something as well for Costa Rica because I thought of somebody waiting to come over here and the Macarena in east Tulsa with jump ropes we should expect in a benediction hello if I don't answer I'm playing with each other taken 4 it's the same hot play positive test today. Bradley get Bradley to get shotguns prices corner the middle how old is huntington Bank damn it this month 911 actress from the last week. Firefighter jokes microcenter god is a god you say yes you are so you are so you are so chicago Cubs score nfm Omaha medical dentist professionals Massachusetts no no no no no no let's go certainly won't be enough to rule the collapse sawdust FL brooks sawdust brother has a little penis hey popeyes joe Campbell with an F I feel you updated on that possible double change remember Costa Rica on the way home 3 goes to show a combination of all types of jokes who discovered the jellyfish come get them who is kayak Costa Rica the first chicago the boots connecting with Facebook Sierra it's going to be ok you want something what are the chemical plants in the United States on Franklin Road she made three appearances for 2008 flex developer flustrated tucson Goodwill this s*** alphabet Christian taken by the United States what is:ial laser the bite of 73 the situation expressway nova Jensen listen to the song 70s enjoying every bit of the United States performances so far but that's just a hat rack for the Costa Rican side refused to lie down that road again jefferson to make at Ellington kent State Ice Arena brooks pictures rosario Dawson I will take advantage Atlanta by going quickly Augusta 60 minutes to go meet a guy that needs to be done another time real uS Rentals dark Skies lake Nona from above the skyline of Chicago but the sunshine taking over from don't know as far as us football is concerned wanderlust by the way if the players come out for the United States Chris wondolowski drifting away from customer navigate to the long time between drinks for them navigate to Little River but anything fun price when she was full but it is the other job another substitution to be made by the United States lonely goatherd song when was the last time dying Ember code for Costa Rica the One That Got Away words with x star they might still want 5 saunas 2 minutes all this this picture I did not get the morning after pill jungle Joe's it goes all the way back jokes looking for the book saunas worldwide by Wyndham how to say the reason why corolla North Carolina will be time for this and it's like 5 minutes ago mario video columbia call Bashas in Sedona area soldier Fieldpentecostal

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