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why does ISIS exist???

Nov 14, 2015 by Zbase4
honestly I will never understand how terrorists can manage to organize themselves, the US has kept droning them repeatedly everyday and yet they can still pull off that attack in Paris
there needs to be a way to get rid of them, and nobody wants to go to war in Syria to fix the problem so ISIS will just keep doing what they did yesterday every couple of months
ISIS needs to be stopped and nobody knows how
obviously we can't repeat what happened in Iraq in 2003 but we have to get rid of ISIS in Syria somehow


It's not that simple l
Sent by Gaiaphagee,Nov 14, 2015
drones kill civilians more than actual terrorists
Sent by SomebodyAwesome,Nov 14, 2015
gaiaphagee somebodyawesome well how do we stop ISIS then? I don't want America to invade Syria but if that is the only way we can stop ISIS then I would support it
we have to get rid of terrorists in the middle east somehow, that entire region has been fucked up for over 100 years since Britain and France divided it up after World War I...
there has to be a way to fix the Middle East, it isn't right that the kids there are so desensitized to violence that they think beheadings are normal :/
Sent by Zbase4,Nov 14, 2015
zbase4 its tragic but idk :( no end seems to be in sight
Sent by SomebodyAwesome,Nov 14, 2015
Who cares about civilians better them then us
Sent by Johnrocker,Nov 14, 2015

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