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Tengaged's Legendary Season 3 RESULTS!

Jun 12, 2022 by ZacPed

1st. The House of Wikipedia Viola
2nd. The House of Tea bbfan1074
3rd. The House of Dix MatthewPapa
4th. The House of Ham Snails
5th. The House of Everly Jameslu
6th. The House of Ithäca rory17
7th. The House of Slayage Spyder701
8th. The House of Hilton oswordo3
9th. The House of Ashelia UsernameThatWasFree
10th. The House of Givenchy Girllover101

SEASON THOUGHTS: This seasons Top 2 was definitely the strongest across all seasons. I was rooting for The House of Tea, but The House of Wikipedia deserved 100%. The House of Hilton was the most robbed for sure, they had the highest score of all Houses in the first two episodes. The gag of the season was when three houses got immunity forcing The House of Tea into the bottom with a pretty high score.




my track record is so bad oml
Sent by Jameslu,Jun 12, 2022
The house of Hilton was set up
Sent by oswordo3,Jun 12, 2022
Congrats Viola
Sent by Voila,Jun 13, 2022

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