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EtnBigBrother Season 1 week 2

Jul 12, 2019 by Yandereboy12
(Week 2 now )

Diary Room Ro: I'm so happy Gabbie stayed cause she's a physical threat and people will target her over me

Diary Room Safiya:I decided to throw my vote away cause I knew Matt was going and it will help me going through when I cause chaos through the votes

Diary Room Lauren: I'm so upset Gabbie stayed now I don't know what to do now

Diary Room Liza: I can't wait to explore

Diary Room Gabbie: I'm so glad I stayed
:Hoh Comp:

It came down to Lele Andrea B and Colleen the winner was........Andrea B

Andrea B: Yay I won....

Diary Room Lele: winning would have so helped my alliance

Diary Room Colleen: I came so close to winning

Diary Room Andrea B: My allied stayed but I didn't wanna win hoh though now I'm upset ;( oh well time to fix it!

Diary Room Jesse: hope I'm safe

Noms in order who's safe
Andrea A

Nominated: Liza and Glozell

Andrea B: Liza I do not like you at all l, and Glozell I just dislike you

Diary Room Liza: I can't believe I'm nominated

Diary Room Glozell: I wanted Joey out before now I want Joey and Andrea B out

Diary Room Joey: I'm happy Glozell is up

Diary Room Nikita: Wow my girl is nominated now I'm passed

Diary Room Bretman: Yes audience your fan favorite is safe

Diary Room Alex: Ugh I wished Tyler was up

POV pickings

Diary Room Andrea B: I hope I pick someone weak

Andrea B draws Manny

Diary Room Andrea B: shit....

Diary Room Manny: I'm happy I'm in veto as I didn't do much last week

Liza draws hgs choice and chooses Nikita

Nikita: yes girl

Diary Room Liza: From my alliance I trust Nikita the most

Glozell draws Eva

Diary Room Eva: I'm happy to be in

Pov Placements
Andrea B
Final 2 were Manny and Eva the winner is .......Eva

Diary Room Eva: Yay I won something

Diary Room Manny: So close ;(

Pov meeting ceremony speechs

Liza:I hope u save me and see if the bitches were targeting me

Glozell: We like each other so I hope you save me

Eva: I have decided to not use it cause even if l like you glozell, I would like to see liza leave and will keep the noms the same to do that

Diary room Liza: Eva is such a bit@$# I hope I stay

Diary Room Glozell: -starts crying- I can't believe this is happening to me


-Justine is crying outside by herself-

Diary Room Justine: I hate everyone here and the stress is too much for me

-in the bathroom-
Andrea B and Manny

Manny: Can I borrow your Straighten iron?

Andrea B: Sure

*Manny drops it and breaks it*

Diary Room Manny: whoops

Andrea B: why did you do that you just broke my trust

Diary Room Colleen:  I decided to make a new game and the house loved it and I'm happy

Diary Room Joey: Ugh I wanna see my family as this is hard I wanna quit but ill Sat

*Eva and JC in the bedroom*

JC: I like your hat

Eva: Thanks I like your hair it's good looking

Diary Room Eva: JC makes me so calm in the house

Diary Room JC: Besides my alliance Eva is good to talk too

*Oli comes in*

Oli: JC why are you talking to her she's ugly

Diary Room Eva: Least I know one of my noms now

Lauren walks to gabbies bed in another bedroom

Diary Room Lauren: Gabbie should have gone and now ima show why she should quit

*Lauren flips Gabbies bed as Gabbie  walks in

Gabbie: Screw you Lauren

Diary Room Gabbie: Lauren deserves to go home next I will make sure of that

*Eviction speechs*

Liza: Well guys I think I should stay because im a loyal person I think and I hope you keep me

Glozell: Well guys thanks Yandere Chan Mooves for letting me complete vote to keep me thank you if you don't that's alright aswell

Alex votes to evict Glozell
Andrea A votes to evict Liza
Bretman Votes to evict Glozell
Colleen votes to evict Glozell
DeStorm votes to evict Glozell
Eva votes to evict Glozell
Gabbie votes to evict Glozell
JC votes to evict Glozell
Jesse votes to evict Liza
Joey votes to evict Glozell
Justine votes to evict Glozell
Lauren votes to evict Glozell
Lele votes to evict Glozell
Manny votes to evict Glozell
Mat votes to evict Liza
Nikita votes to evict Glozell
Oli votes to evict Glozell
Guava votes to evict Glozell
Ro votes to evict Glozell
Safiya votes to evict Glozell
Shane votes to evict Liza
Seirra votes to evict Liza
Tana votes to evict Glozell
Teala votes to evict Glozell
Tim votes to evict Glozell
Tyler votes to evict Glozell

By a vote of 21 to 5..... Glozell you have been evicted from the big brother house

Glozell: Well thanks guys I wish you all luck and goodbye

Sierra: Bye ;(

Diary Room Sierra: These people took out my best friend now it's time to play dirty


30 Place - Matt
29 Place - Glozell

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