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Hay guys Jul 8, 2020
Hope you are all doing good today incase you haven't noticed I've been on breaks ill keep checking in every once in a while until then ciao!
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The shaddde Jun 17, 2020
Pinkiepie512 hasn't responded back in messages :(

*starts crying*
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Me and my multi Jun 17, 2020
Mbarnish1 is slaying you guys :3
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You know whats shady Jun 16, 2020
Not only did Paul028 didnt rank me on Kindred7 blog but Kindred7 doesn't even have me on her front page friends list

*starts crying*
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Morning bitchs Jun 15, 2020
I checked the site after a few days least you survived his spam LittleMix
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Idc what Jun 7, 2020
Anyone says Raven shoudleve won Drag race 2 and All stars drag race 1

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