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Beth Greene // Emily Kinney

Jun 30, 2015 by VintagePoop
Honestly it wasn't her fault that she got kidnapped and taken to the hospital? If anyone you should be bashing, it should be Phillip, or shall I say, the Governor. He caused everyone to be split up, leaving Beth in a vulnerable position without Maggie. So please, when you. Don't blame Beth for a situation she didn't even cause. She knew that if she sacrificed herself to kill of Dawn, that the group would be able to leave with Noah, even if that meant she couldn't leave. She knew what she was doing.

To those of you saying that her death was nothing, Betsy_Booty , her death meant everything. Her death had the fans talking, and ranting about how they wanted her back, hence the outrage a lot of people had. Did you not know what people did to try to bring her back? They sent in spoons with quotes on them, postcards, and other items to show how much they cared about her. She is basically every fucking teenager who struggled with depression and realized that she wanted to live, and fight to be alive.

So please, when you have a great argument, please come and we can discuss.


(its so funny that I wrote this all out but queen Beth deserves it)

For irrels tagging me


and most importantly, the Beth supporters.



Sent by xRAIN_shooter,Jun 30, 2015
But then again I stopped watching not too long after that episode. Got really really bored of the whole show.
Sent by Betsy_Booty,Jun 30, 2015
Beth was never my absolute favorite, but I did like her character. I'm not saying I liked the fact that she died, but her death was important. It showed how brutal that world can be. The most innocent member of the group was killed in the most quick and harsh way possible.

Also Maggie's reaction really got to me.
Sent by hurrah,Jun 30, 2015
Tbh I was just so pissed at Noah for dying so soon, it made Beth's and Tyreese's deaths kind of worth nothing anymore. Beth was my fav character but I had come to terms with her death until that
Sent by BOBROCKS333,Jun 30, 2015
Beth was my favorite.
Sent by Kaseyhope101,Jun 30, 2015
yyasss beth
Sent by KayleighWinz,Jun 30, 2015

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