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Attention Tengaged!

Jun 1, 2015 by VintagePoop
I seem to have a very "sticky" situation.

I seemed to have gotten a piece of candy stuck in my clitoris while being horny.

Will someone do me the huge favor of licking it out?

Please help!

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u cant get things stuck in your clitoris you fucking IDIOT
Sent by EternalBlossom,Jun 1, 2015
i think im gonna puke
Sent by Runnin_thru_the6,Jun 1, 2015
*comes in with suckers* lollipops to help
Sent by SurvivoroftheTocans,Jun 1, 2015
Brittanyy excuse me bitch. This was a complete joke. Please get your disgusting self away from my blogs ty.
Sent by VintagePoop,Jun 1, 2015
Sent by Anoreoz897,Jun 1, 2015
someone call Baylor Wilson
Sent by Anoreoz897,Jun 1, 2015

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