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you quit everything dont you

May 25, 2020 by TotsTrashy
image iceey stupid pedophile sore loser
maybe if you had something more going for you in your life than your sad job as an rn (registered nurse) at the non-profit patient first clinic out in the middle of kentucky plains THEN i would feel bad for you

also the fact that youre 24 and still beg trans women to send nudes is something


What the fuck is this? Why we dragging iceey?
Sent by Dash,May 25, 2020
read the blog dash the icing is in the pudding
Sent by TotsTrashy,May 25, 2020
Funny you didn’t have shit to say when you were on call with me :) but you like to make everything public to get some attention. Shave the pedo Stache and get a haircut you dumb fuck
Sent by Iceey,May 25, 2020

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