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  1. I hate anxiety
  2. Nick is so dumb lol
  3. You Never Realize...
  4. BB21-Motto
  5. Analyse irks me
  6. Everyone just wants hookups I feel
  7. I’m happy!!
  8. I think they US should do
  9. Bad HOH winner
  10. For those who work in service industry jobs
  11. I have the “Boy Next Door” Problem
  12. I laugh at BB players who team up
  13. Hero/White Collar/Brains/ENFP
  14. My winner pick for BB21 is Nick
  15. I sometimes envision myself on big brother
  16. You're the only one
  17. Do you all remember " House of Mouse"
  18. I've finally watched the interviews for BB21
  19. Life is going better right now
  20. Why does BB never cast an older woman
  21. I think this cast is pretty good
  22. Sad T-Swift Songs
  23. Working at a Bank now
  24. Are any comps on here easier
  25. Do you all believe in ghosts and spirits?
  26. I always get myself in sticky situations
  27. Is it normal for girls to take showers together?
  28. I have ate 4 bowls of spaghetti
  29. My dogs have decided they are tired of everyone..
  30. Being Bipolar is crazy
  31. My Big Brother All-Star Prediction
  33. Do you guys ever
  34. What are your signs?
  35. Story behind my top blog
  36. My life is pathetic.
  37. Mastropola
  38. Middle-Aged women on facebook
  39. Since I quit my job
  40. I don't know how I did this

I always get myself in sticky situations

May 26, 2019 by TotalDramaLover1234
It's a combiniation of my inability to say no to people and my blondeness popping out.


same usually because i pour too much maple syrup on my pancakes
Sent by BengalBoy,May 26, 2019
LOL. My blondeness comes out more than my brown way to much
Sent by Harry1210,May 26, 2019

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