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✨ Thank You 48.1% ✨ Oct 11, 2022
imageWasn't to be but I have no regrets. Thank you to all the saves ❤️

Hey Everyone,

For those of you who don't know me (well that's most!) I am nominated today with the amazing captainzacsparrow who I only met this week but have already become such good friends with.

So the Brits won the Frat seat this week and chose me to play stars...I never would have willingly joined because obviously, you know, you have to be popular to play, and I am far from that! 🤣

Anyway, I didn't let that scare me and I took the opportunity to make new friends and kinda have fun like I used to on here!

I'm not mad at all for the blindside. As a gamer I love moves like this so props to the cast for doing it and keeping it such a good secret.

I know most of you don't know me and I'm expecting that after being off of the site for so long but any saves for me will be appreciated.

Thanks for reading ☺️

If you could click Zacs button I would be grateful 💜
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Erm.. Oct 8, 2022
imageSo I'm in my first stars tonight in 10 years. EEEEK. Well enjoy a lovely picture of my new kitten, Winter ❄️ She's my top supporter this week!!
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(PYN) Goodbye TV Star. Hello Super Gold 🌟 Nov 22, 2021
I wasn’t going to do it today but I clicked on it thinking it would ask me to confirm but Tengaged decided today was the day I upgraded! 😆

I didn’t really know what to do with this buuut let’s be real I think I’m never going to get Platinum and I’m feeling extra generous right now and want to spread the love so I’m gonna play a little game!!

PYN and I will draw 5 names from Those 5 names will be put into a poll for 48 hours and the winner of the poll gets a free gift from me.

Also if enough people are interested the winner of the Poll can also win themselves a free Rookies Charity on my behalf as I don’t know enough people to fill a game! 😆

Good Luck Besties ❤️
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Finally 📺 ⭐️ Dec 31, 2013
imageI could have bought it so many times this year but I could never save my money. I haven't gifted anyone in forever so I thought I'd finally save my money for it!
I haven't really made much of an effort on here anymore but I have still managed to meet some amazing people anyway and they know who they are :)

#MostIrrelTVStar xx

Anyway just tagging some people who I feel have made my time on this site special and I love you all! < 3


Can't think of anyone else right now but I'm sure there's soo many more people who I have met on here who have made my time amazing. I hope y'all have an amazing new year!
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❤️ Jul 5, 2012
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💚 Apr 5, 2012
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