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rpdr hot take on a rotating judge

Apr 21, 2024 by Times_Places
i dont like ts madison most of the time because her laugh sounds so.. forced. like bb if u don't find it funny don't laugh. she tends do that a lot and i just get icked

other then that shes kinda cunt and funny but her also shitting on nymphia for wearing yellow wasn't it


RuPauls forced laugh is 5000x worse. It's so awkward, especially when he fake laughs for like 2 minutes straight. Cringe to the max when that happens.
Sent by zachbbs,Apr 21, 2024
zachbbs agree to disagree when ru fakes his laugh he can disguise it rlly well IMO. I don't notice it but we come from different perspectives! saur
Sent by Times_Places,Apr 21, 2024
It literally gives me the heebie jeebies.
Sent by zachbbs,Apr 21, 2024

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