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  1. It’s so cold in my room
  2. Woohoo finally a day that fits me
  3. Why do people post on
  4. Horny.
  5. when you meet that someone
  6. me in every situation
  7. when you sneeze so hard
  8. When someone irl finds your YouTube
  9. When your friends don’t get
  10. Would you ever go to a club
  11. me when i really dont know almost anyone
  13. MY Q&A VLOG
  14. about to film this
  15. Making this soon :)
  17. last time someone told me that its my loss
  18. ilysm :(
  19. New hair who dis
  20. Blessed.
  21. Omg my hair is so red
  22. comment :)
  23. When your friend comes to work drunk
  24. Comment :)
  25. Comment :)
  26. comment :)
  27. Comment :)
  28. wanting to do a q/a vlog
  29. when i am not wearing pants
  30. Thankful for another
  31. my name is no
  32. needing to get my hair dyed
  33. such a predictable
  34. waiting for someone
  35. When I get woken up
  36. cliff and nicole literally couldve
  37. didnt win the raffle again
  39. when you get your new work schedule
  40. who do you want to win bb21?

cliff and nicole literally couldve

Sep 20, 2019 by Thumper91
made a final 3 deal with tommy and kept  him and wouldnt had to have worried about a showmance and still had a better shot with deals with tommy than they were going to ever have a chance with michie and holly
idk why they didnt take that opportunity it was literally their game
they couldve done anything lol and made final 3 easily


They fucked yo
Sent by Matthew09,Sep 20, 2019
Sent by Matthew09,Sep 20, 2019
Nicole wanted to but Cliff was the one who was so against it. All week he was 10000% set on staying loyal to Jackson
Sent by SmoothStalker12,Sep 20, 2019
matthew09 they did lol b/c if it was cliff and tommy on the block im sure they were taking out cliff regardless it bothers me so bad that wouldve been one of the best moves all season for them
Sent by Thumper91,Sep 20, 2019
OMG you are a genius (dull)
Sent by BlueLagoon506,Sep 20, 2019

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