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Learned about a new site

Apr 24, 2022 by The_Kid
This site will actually gets you a certificate in computer programming. And will help you get a good job. 300 hour courses and don't need to pay a thing to get a computer programming certificate. Has anyone else tried this yet? People have gotten jobs for Microsoft and Google and stuff. Now I can do normal schooling and this and become a pro. 馃槀


Sent by Jenna2010,Apr 24, 2022
It won't do it by itself. You need to have a portfolio of work you've done yourself that isn't following a course to prove you can show initiative.  This is a good start but you need to build upon it.
Sent by computer3000,Apr 24, 2022
Thanks for the tip computer3000
Sent by The_Kid,Apr 24, 2022

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