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Trinity Survivor SA - 11th Place

Aug 8, 2020 by TheSexiestDude990
imageWe knew things were gonna kick off in a big way, but even I was not prepared for everything that went down. A breakout room, a vote stealer, a double vote, a vote blocker, and finally tonight's boot, Savanna, misplaying her idol, sending her home in a shocking blindside.

Savanna... When production found out you're irl friends with one of our most beloved alumni, Livingston, you were pretty much guaranteed to get in then and there. You've had one hell of a story arc this season, being one of the biggest underdogs we've had. At times it seemed like nobody wanted much to do with you but you fought like hell every step of the way to make it here. Tonight you went out in legendary fashion, in the biggest and wildest move I've ever seen in this series, and now you are the Queen of Ponderosa! I'm glad you made Trinity your first org and I hope you enjoyed your time here!

Savanna, thank you for playing!


Sent by noobsmoke13,Aug 8, 2020
there was an opportunity for the idol to be played correctly
but the moment passed several days ago so here we are
Sent by Rocker917,Aug 8, 2020

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