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If Survivor: The Australian Outback played out like Big Brother

Apr 5, 2021 by Tester
Used Wheel of Names to make this.

-----Week 1-----

HOH: Elisabeth
Nominees: *redacted* and Alicia
POV: Elisabeth (POV Players: Elisabeth/*redacted*/Alicia/Maralyn/Keith/Jerri)
Final Nominees: *redacted* and Alicia
Evicted: *redacted* (7-6)

-----Week 2-----

HOH: Debb
Nominees: Kel and Mitchell
POV: Amber (POV Players: Debb/Kel/Mitchell/Jeff/Alicia/Amber)
Final Nominees: Kel and Mitchell
Evicted: Mitchell (7-5)

-----Week 3-----

HOH: Rodger
Nominees: Elisabeth and Jeff
POV: Keith (POV Players: Rodger/Elisabeth/Jeff/Amber/Keith/Colby)
Final Nominees: Elisabeth and Tina
Evicted: Elisabeth (6-5)

-----Week 4-----

HOH: Maralyn
Nominees: Kel and Colby
POV: Colby (POV Players: Maralyn/Kel/Colby/Keith/Amber/Rodger)
Final Nominees: Kel and Keith
Evicted: Kel (7-3)

-----Week 5-----

HOH: Amber
Nominees: Nick and Rodger
POV: Tina (POV Players: Amber/Nick/Rodger/Tina/Jeff/Jerri)
Final Nominees: Nick and Rodger
Evicted: Rodger (5-4)

-----Week 6-----

HOH: Debb
Nominees: Nick and Jerri
POV: Colby (POV Players: Debb/Nick/Jerri/Colby/Keith/Maralyn)
Final Nominees: Nick and Keith
Evicted: Nick (5-3)

-----Week 7-----

HOH: Tina
Nominees: Jeff and Alicia
POV: Amber (POV Players: Tina/Jeff/Alicia/Amber/Colby/Jerri)
Final Nominees: Jeff and Alicia
Evicted: Jeff (5-2)

-----Week 8-----

HOH: Keith
Nominees: Alicia and Colby
POV: Colby (POV Players: Keith/Alicia/Colby/Debb/Maralyn/Jerri)
Final Nominees: Alicia and Amber
Evicted: Alicia (4-2)

-----Week 9-----

HOH: Colby
Nominees: Amber and Keith
POV: Jerri (POV Players: Colby/Amber/Keith/Tina/Jerri/Kimmi)
Final Nominees: Keith and Debb
Evicted: Debb (3-2)

-----Week 10-----

HOH: Maralyn
Nominees: Tina and Jerri
POV: Tina (POV Players: Maralyn/Tina/Jerri/Keith/Kimmi/Amber)
Final Nominees: Jerri and Keith
Evicted: Keith (3-1)

-----Week 11-----

HOH: Colby
Nominees: Maralyn and Amber
POV: Kimmi (POV Players: Colby/Maralyn/Amber/Jerri/Kimmi/Tina)
Final Nominees: Maralyn and Amber
Evicted: Maralyn (2-1)

-----Week 12-----

HOH: Amber
Nominees: Jerri and Kimmi
POV: Tina (POV Players: Amber/Jerri/Kimmi/Colby/Tina)
Final Nominees: Kimmi and Colby
Evicted: Kimmi (2-0)

-----Week 13-----

HOH: Colby
Nominees: Jerri and Tina
POV: Jerri (POV Players: Colby/Jerri/Tina/Amber)
Final Nominees: Tina and Amber
Evicted: Amber (1-0)

-----Final HOH-----

Part 1 HOH: Tina
Part 2 HOH: Jerri
Part 3 HOH: Jerri
Final HOH: Jerri
Nominees: Colby and Tina
Evicted: Colby (1-0)


Runner-Up: Tina
Winner: Jerri

-----The Jury Votes-----

Alicia: Jerri
Debb: Jerri
Keith: Tina
Maralyn: Tina
Kimmi: Tina
Amber: Jerri
Colby: Jerri

America's Favorite Houseguest: Tina

----------FINAL PLACEMENTS----------

16. *redacted* (7-6)
15. Mitchell Olson (7-5)
14. Elisabeth Filarski (6-5)
13. Kel Gleason (7-3)
12. Rodger Bingham (5-4)
11. Nick Brown (5-3)
10. Jeff Varner (5-2)
-----The Jury-----
9. Alicia Calaway (4-2)
8. Debb Eaton (3-2)
7. Keith Famie (3-1)
6. Maralyn Hershey (2-1)
5. Kimmi Kappenberg (2-0)
4. Amber Brkich (1-0) [Jerri's choice to evict]
3. Colby Donaldson (1-0) [Jerri's choice to evict]
-----Final Two-----
2. Tina Wesson (3 votes to win)
Winner: Jerri Manthey (4 votes to win)

Tell me whether this is better or worse than the real bootlist.

Tell me if you want to be tagged for this series.



Sent by Vessas,Apr 5, 2021
Yasss at a Jerri win
Sent by AntonB,Apr 5, 2021

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