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Looking back at Survivor US season trailers

Dec 12, 2023 by Tester
and ever since HHH (with the exception of IotI and 41), the winner has been highlighted in some capacity in the season trailer released at the end of the previous season.

- HHH: Ben had the first confessional of the trailer
- GI: Wendell was one of 2 players who got to talk in the trailer (the other one was Stephanie Johnson)
- DvG: Nick had the first confessional of the trailer
- EoE: Chris had a voiceover line when the Edge was being focused on
- IotI's trailer focused on the titular twist; no players got to talk
- WaW: Tony had the second confessional of the trailer
- 41 had no official trailer due to COVID
- 42: Maryanne had a voiceover line
- 43: Gabler got to talk twice in the trailer
- 44: Yam Yam had the last confessional of the trailer

For 45, the first look trailer showcased everyone EXCEPT Hannah, Sean and Katurah. Hannah and Sean because they quit. Katurah's omission feels a bit strange in comparison. I didn't think she had much of a shot anyway but this just dooms her in my eyes, if the season trailers are to be trusted. The fact that Katurah is one of only THREE people to NOT get ANYTHING in the season trailer is really BAD for her winning chances.

Link to the 45 trailer:


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