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if gabon aired today for the first time

Dec 10, 2023 by Tester
this would probably be the reception from the online fanbase:

Michelle: r.obbed g.oddess
Gillian: she's weird, glad she's out early
Paloma: UTR kween
Jacquie: UTR kween
GC: why did they cast a quitter?
Kelly: UTR kween
Ace: canceled
Dan: no idea lol
Marcus: boring and obviously dominating, possibly canceled due to that
Charlie: follower, possibly canceled due to that
Randy: canceled
Corinne: canceled
Crystal: canceled
Ken: oVeRuSeD sUpErFaN / nErD aRcHeTyPeEeEeEe!!!!!!!11111!111!!11! / canceled later on
Matty: golden boy archetype ew / possibly canceled due to that
Sugar: canceled
Susie: UTR kween
Bob: DAE worst winner ever???



The funny thing to me is if Susie was nicer to Randy she probably wins Gabon and we would've had one of the best winners
Sent by Jasmina,Dec 10, 2023
ur so right about ken, like he was charming back then because we would get 15 hot recruits and 3 nerds, now its like 20 nerds we're tired! love ken forever tho
Sent by SomebodyAwesome,Dec 10, 2023

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