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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

BB22 sucks

Dec 3, 2023 by Tester
The only season that even comes close to BB19 as the worst BBUS season (excluding BB1).
The only season I never finished.
...and I started watching BBUS shortly before BB22 so the first season I had to watch live was BB22... oof

I did not like BOREy, The Meow Meow, Ratcole, Honda Summer Sales Event, Memphis or Dani. Tyler, Ian, NicolA and Kevin were disappointing. Keesha, Janelle and Kaysar had no shot. Bayleigh, Da'Vonne and David "Did you use the power on me?" Alexander were fine.



BB22 BB19 and BB9 is a tough battle for the worst season
Sent by Yandereboy12,Dec 3, 2023
I agree it was so one sided all game
Sent by Terp05,Dec 3, 2023
It was sad what happened to Ian in 22 because it was so amazing watching him on 14
Sent by Ethanwonder,Dec 3, 2023
BB21 & 20 were also very terrible seasons so idk if its the worst. I didnt finish 22 either btw, but I see no redeeming qualities about 21, and 20 had the WORST jury stage of any season.
Sent by BenjaminB,Dec 3, 2023
Memphis made the season god awful
Sent by BigBrotherStan2022,Dec 3, 2023

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