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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

BBUS & BB Canada: Who Would I Have Voted For?

Nov 11, 2023 by Tester
This could be based on literally anything. Gameplay or entertainment value. BB1 and BBOTT are not included. Celebrity BB is included.

BB2: Dr. Will
BB3: Danielle
BB4: Jun
BB5: Drew
BB6: Ivette (as an anti-Maggie vote)
BB7: Boogie
BB8: Daniele (as an anti-Dick vote)
BB9: Adam? ig
BB10: Dan
BB11: Jordan
BB12: Hayden
BB13: Rachel
BB14: Dan
BB15: Andy (lol)
BB16: Derrick
BB17: this one's up in the air. maybe Steve bc he cut Vanessa at the end?
BB18: Nicole F
BB19: Josh (as an anti-Paul vote)
BB20: Tyler
BB21: Holly (as an anti-Jackson vote)
BB22: Enzo (as an anti-Cody vote)
BB23: Xavier (lol)
BB24: Taylor
BB25: Matt (as an anti-Jag vote)
BBCAN1: Jillian for gameplay, Gary for entertainment value. overall, probably Jillian?
BBCAN3: Sarah
BBCAN4: Nick & Phil (probably moreso as an anti-Kelsey vote)
BBCAN5: That Kevin Robert Martin
BBCAN6: Paras
BBCAN7: Dane
BBCAN9: this one's up in the air. Breydon? not sure
BBCAN10: Kevin Jacobs
BBCAN11: Claudia (as an anti-Ty vote)
CBB1: Marissa
CBB2: Tamar
CBB3: Miesha (as an anti-Todrick vote)



Tbhhh I do think Ivette was likely to win BB6 if her social game was slightly better with Rachel / Howie
Sent by Jasmina,Nov 11, 2023
Now I’m gonna make my own!
Sent by SurvivorFan37,Nov 11, 2023
BB2: Nicole
BB3: Danielle
BB4: Alison
BB5: Drew
BB6: Maggie
BB7: Erika
BB8: Dick
BB9: Adam
BB10: Dan
BB11: Natalie
BB12: Lane
BB13: Rachel
BB14: Dan
BB15: GinaMarie
BB16: Derrick
BB17: Liz
BB18: Nicole F
BB19: Josh
BB20: Kaycee
BB21: Holly
BB22: Enzo
BB23: Big D
BB24: Monte
BB25: Matt
BBCAN1: Jillian
BBCAN3: Sarah
BBCAN4: Kelsey
BBCAN5: Karen
BBCAN6: Paras
BBCAN7: Anthony
BBCAN9: Tychon
BBCAN10: Kevin
CBB1: Marissa
CBB2: Ricky
CBB3: Miesha
Sent by Lemjam6,Nov 11, 2023

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