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  1. Tn was the 1st episode I’ve seen this szn
  2. It’s My Tengaged Anniversary!!
  3. Anyone know if we are getting
  4. Comment where you went/go to college
  5. Idk what else I could’ve done tbh
  6. Nom for 8th STARS VLOG ⭐️
  7. Might do a fun Vlog for stars tomorrow
  8. Give me summer
  9. Come join the Stars Public Call
  10. If Randomize
  11. Does anyone else
  12. Are no ads
  13. Thoughts on this group game concept?
  14. I’ll have seen my 3 favorite artists
  15. Pyn for what you want
  16. Maine today
  17. Ah maine
  18. I’ve finally grown
  19. Would you rather
  20. Ranking States by Natural Beauty
  21. Great stars cast
  22. Any survivor group games taking apps?
  23. 30 Days of “The Office”
  24. 30 Days of “The Office” (Day 6)
  25. STARS NOM FOR 14th (VLOG)
  26. Do I join stars one last time tn
  27. 30 Days of “The Office” (Day 5)
  28. 30 Days of “The Office” (Day 4)
  29. 30 Days of “The Office” (Day 3)
  30. 30 Days of “The Office” (Day 2)
  31. 30 Days of “The Office” (DAY 1)
  32. I’m seeing Zach Bryan and Tyler Childers
  33. I think I might make my last stars
  34. How many times does
  35. Jake on survivor
  36. Might be in love
  37. Should I vlog
  38. This is a crazy cast
  39. Mr. Brightside has been and will always be
  40. Comment what college you go/went to

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Thoughts on this group game concept? Apr 11, 2024
It’s called “Behind The Name” It’d be played out on discord. 10 tengagers leave their popularity, status, and reputations behind and enter the discord server as an undercover identity! Throughout the season, contestants will compete in challenges that reveal hints on who is behind their fellow contestants fake profiles. Each round, one player (chosen by the rounds challenge winner) will have to correctly guess the tengaged identity of one of the other players. Correctly guess the tengager and you remain in the game and the guessed player is out. Make a wrong guess and you will be eliminated. Who will be the last player remaining and take home a potential T$ prize?
(For concept think of the show Claim To Fame)
Points: 31 3 comments
I’ll have seen my 3 favorite artists Apr 9, 2024
By the end of this summer
Noah Kahan ✅
Zach Bryan - June
Tyler Childers - July

Bought tickets to Tyler today let’s goo
Points: 21 2 comments
Pyn for what you want Apr 8, 2024
1- First impression of you.
2- A memory I have of you.
3- rate your avatar and give opinion on it.

kiki4ever first impression came from The Mole game I hosted (which I had so much fun hosting). I instantly thought you were just the energy of the season and so funny.

cheritaisdelicious tbh I’ve always kinda looked up to you as like “ok this person is like top sh*t on tengaged” and have had respect for your success on this site. Funny bc it’s just a website but always thought you wouldn’t ever really engage with me on here bc I wasn’t as popular but I think you proved that wrong :)
Points: 20 3 comments
Maine today Apr 8, 2024
7:00AM: Scrape the ice off my car. 27°F
1:00PM: 60°F and sunny
3:30PM: Total darkness from eclipse and drop to 50°F
4:00PM: 62°F and sunny.
Lol ok
Points: 0 1 comments
Ah maine Apr 4, 2024
Where we’re getting a foot of snow today and Monday it’s gonna be 65°F and sunny.
April showers bring may flowers right?
Points: 14 1 comments
I’ve finally grown Apr 1, 2024
To like sushi, now I crave it. But I won’t be proud of myself until I can learn how to use chopsticks…. What am I doing wrong and why is it so difficult lmao!! Someone please teach me 😫
Points: 14 2 comments