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The Amazing Race - Game Idea

1stSep 1, 2015 by Swifty

16 Players
Each day is 12 hours long
Players work alone rather than in pairs like the show, however 2 people are eliminated every day

- Luck based like bushes in THG but stays the same for everyone so you can tell others the best route to take
- 8 different routes to take (look like roads instead of bushes in THG)
- Click random one gives a number (1-4) which corresponds to amount of hours it takes for you to get to your destination via that route
- Choice of 2 challenges
- Do the challenge and your score is added to the leaderboard [shown after day finishes] (2 separate leaderboards for each challenge)
- At the end of the end of the day the lower down your leaderboard you are the more hours added to your completion time


Person 1 - 500 (+1 hour)
Person 2 - 400 (+2 hours)
Person 3 - 300 (+3 hours)

Person 4 - 1600 (+1 hour)
Person 5 - 1500 (+2 hours)
Person 6 - 1400 (+3 hours)
Person 7 - 1300 (+4 hours)
Person 8 - 1200 (+5 hours)


Road Block
- Another challenge
- Those in bottom half of leaderboard for that challenge lose
- If you are in bottom half of leaderboard 3 hours is added to your time

Fast Forward
- Basically the opposite of a road block
- Another challenge
- If you are in the top half of the leaderboard, 3 hours is deducted from your time

Fast Forwards and Road Blocks appear on random days, one day it could be a road block, the other a fast forward.
- Pops up in chat just like a key
- 1 per day
- Whoever gets it can use it on a person to add 2 hours to their time
- You can stock these up and use them whenever (1 per round)

Express Pass
- Pops up in chat just like a key
- 1 per day
- Whoever gets it can use it to deduct 2 hours from their time (for a minimum of 1 hour)
- You can stock these up on these and use them whenever (1 per round)

Basically throughout the game there is a chat where U-turns and Express Passes appear and you do 2 challenges a day which includes one of the detour challenges and then either the road block or fast forward depending on whichever it is on that day

2 people are eliminated (most amount of hours and so longest time for that leg, algo decides in a tie break) every 12 hours until Day 8 in which the person which the lowest amount of hours accrued overall will win :)


I don't really know what to do for the winnings and entry fee/colour level


Just an idea (reposted) so feel free to comment :) randomize


Sent by chibideidara,Sep 1, 2015
Sent by laughingoutloud,Sep 1, 2015
cool idea
Sent by Tmag15,Sep 1, 2015
Really like the idea!
only critique maybe to stay true to the show, the u turn has to be used once its been claimed?
otherwise id be really excited to play :D
Sent by Rhino,Sep 1, 2015
sounds cool!
Sent by Brandt69,Sep 1, 2015
Sent by TheBlackDog,Sep 1, 2015
Sent by pleaseletmestay,Sep 1, 2015
badass idea though i think this would be EXTREMELY difficult to code.
Sent by Gaiaphagee,Sep 1, 2015
Sent by Timster,Sep 2, 2015

Colour: Orange cost: 15?
Sent by xxThornWYZ,Sep 2, 2015
I actually really like this.
Sent by Johneh,Sep 2, 2015
Rhino Ty! That could be an idea and I like it, but this way could be more strategical? Who knows! :P

Gaiaphagee I know nothing about coding so obviously my idea comes without knowledge of limits but who knows, he may be able to make something out of it? :P

xxThornWYZ Possibly, I feel like this is a good game for practicing challenges as well as talking to people, much like a mix of Castings and Survivor

Johneh Glad I have approval from the GAMES COORDINATOR (come on people!)
Sent by Swifty,Sep 2, 2015
Swifty This is actually decently simple to make as well as it has the same model as castings... like all the elements are already there, this requires very little coding!
Sent by Johneh,Sep 2, 2015
Johneh I didn't think of it like that haha, to be honest it is a sort of amalgamation of current games so I feel like I can't credit myself with making a good idea, rather than just stringing it together, but I like to think about what I'd like to see on Tengaged and if I feel it's possible to an extent i'll post it, so now I think about it, it should be very much possible

Thanks all for your interest :)
Sent by Swifty,Sep 2, 2015
Swifty Meh I'm a programming student, it's kinda my role to think of things like that - us programmers are lazy and just copy/paste previous code to make new things. :P
I would love to see this happen... I think we could make this a higher level game, maybe red+.
Sent by Johneh,Sep 2, 2015
Swifty Sent this to Carlos, hopefully he sees it.
Sent by Johneh,Sep 2, 2015
Johneh Haha I want to study maths and I sit there forever solving things going through step by step which my teachers love but since everyone else in the class takes 3 lines to solve things, they always tell me that mathematicians are lazy and like to take shortcuts haha, obviously I need that mentality!

I think it would be a nice addition too and as I'm Blood level, I don't really mind about entry level (as long as it isn't TV star :P) so whatever floats the boats of the majority I guess
Sent by Swifty,Sep 2, 2015
Johneh Why thank you! :)
Sent by Swifty,Sep 2, 2015
Swifty My degree is in Computing Mathematics so I'm literally the laziest person I know. :P
Sent by Johneh,Sep 2, 2015
Johneh Oh god hahaha, that's a whole new level :P What sort of this does that entail by the way? I can only imagine the sort of stuff we will study when I get back to sixth form in a module called Discrete Mathematics because apparently that's used in computingy stuff
Sent by Swifty,Sep 2, 2015
Swifty It's basically a Mathematics degree combined with a Computing degree lol. Discrete mathematics is more algebraic and combinatoric in my opinion, you might mean decision mathematics?
Sent by Johneh,Sep 2, 2015
Swifty  My opinion on this idea
Sent by GoodPlay,Sep 2, 2015
Johneh does it have to. Be red+ since that's really high, I'm only yellow
Sent by xxThornWYZ,Sep 2, 2015
Johneh Omg yes I mean Decision what am I like haha, well it seems that I know who to turn to when I'm struggling with something ;)
Sent by Swifty,Sep 2, 2015
xxThornWYZ I think only have 15 karma and having 4 games available to you is loads...
Sent by Johneh,Sep 2, 2015
Swifty Not me I suck lol
Sent by Johneh,Sep 2, 2015
Yes. Make it black+ to enroll
Sent by RasCity,Sep 2, 2015
Love it
Sent by Jameslu,Sep 2, 2015
Love the idea
Sent by jonghyun408,Sep 2, 2015

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