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Another Break

Sep 5, 2015 by Swifty
Well sixth form starts again on Monday and i'll be working throughout the week as well so I guess my time on tengaged has come to another halt, I took a year break for AS so I think I will for A2 as well :)

That doesn't mean I won't log on for the odd bet and i'll try and keep skype on (not that I have many contacts). I came back hoping to find a changed tengaged and it was and still is exactly the same. I made this account 5 years ago and i'll be turning 18 in 2 months (yes I know, started 3 months underage oops) so it's been a good part of my life, but I feel tengaged isn't something that is really a part of my transition into adulthood

I've made some awesome friends, yes you Nikkayy ;) Met really cool people ricktworick1 & hobnobgpro and even though I hardly talk to these guys it doesn't mean i've ever forgot the times we had! (My grandad making farmyard animal noises on call was the best!)

Also thanks to the new faces i've had the pleasure of being graced with, most notably the entire of the Brits frat, especially Vedat, bibbles and Yoshitomi! Also a special mention to Anas who I feel I let down and it's part of the reason I stayed well away from this site for that year

Anyways i've tagged enough people who may give the slightest damn so maybe see you later tengaged when I can legally drink haha ;)


Sent by Johneh,Sep 5, 2015
Johneh Hahaha i'm looking forward to planning my funeral don't worry
Sent by Swifty,Sep 5, 2015
good luck swifty, its been great having you in the frat, keep us posted on how its going
Sent by bibbles,Sep 5, 2015
Good luck Swifty! I'm gonna miss you. :(
But I wish you the best for your A-levels. :)
Sent by Yoshitomi,Sep 5, 2015
I'm going to miss you Swifty! Good luck with your A2s, I know how hard they can be! I hope you'll still come on skype so we can chat, otherwise I WILL be spamming your facebook! Love you Ewan!
Sent by Nikkayy,Sep 6, 2015
love you bro!
Sent by Vedat,Sep 6, 2015

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