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Did I really just watch Dec 7, 2023
A game of rock paper scissors for 4.56 million dollars
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[TG Meetup] Nov 29, 2023
imageToday I had my baby shower for my son on the way in January and had a special guest appearance from the real OG iTy990 aka RasGrand aka SuperCam aka Rakan

Thank you Bryan so much for being my friend throughout the last 10 years and thank you for being the one to awkwardly explain what Tengaged was today and how we met because the lord knows I wouldn’t explain it 😂

Had an amazing day and couldn’t have asked a better person to show up today, thank you for everything brother 🥺
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Pressure cooker Aug 17, 2023
is going to suck so bad for Matt because people that are hard of hearing have an enhanced sense of smell
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So if the HOH Aug 4, 2023
Takes two people off the block

Is the POV going to put someone back on the block?
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Kirsten Aug 4, 2023
Really dropped on jokers

What did she do
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I will forever be Aug 3, 2023
imageThe Hexagon Fall world champion of winoozle.
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