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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Suitman's Survivor 31: Iguazú Falls

Oct 6, 2023 by SuitMan13
image🦅 Do you fancy emulating the adventure of a lifetime? Then join the immersive Suitman’s Survivor ORG! Ran by people with over 12 years of hosting online reality games, our intense, inclusive, and interactive seasons take you as close to the real Survivor experience as possible!

🌴 Our fast-paced three week seasons bring daily challenges and Tribal Councils, rewarding consistent and dedicated engagement, whilst also not requiring your activity for a long period of time.

🧠 We boast challenging multi-layered competitions, which will get your mind working and strategies forming, whilst unique and innovate twists introduce new conundrums, without breaking the game entirely.

🧬 The series is further grounded by a bespoke advantage-hunting Discord bot, making you feel like you are hunting just like the real show, whilst custom graphics and videos enhance and expand your experience.

💥 Join our large dedicated community of fans today, and find out why they stick around when you play your own Suitman’s Survivor season this October at the iconic Iguazú Falls! Live challenges take place daily at 6/7pm EST, with occasional non-live challenges and rest days. Applications close on Saturday October 14th ahead of the season premiere on Tuesday October 17th.




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