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  1. I'm getting afraid of clicking on games
  2. what changed on snapchat?
  3. robbed again I see
  4. thank you so much
  5. PYN for a rate
  6. No title
  7. I'm always feeling sad
  8. A little late
  9. Did you guys have some issues to connect ?
  10. Is there some logic when you guess bush
  11. Pyn
  12. <3
  13. when you don't join a friend's charity
  14. there is a new AHS season ?
  15. frooks time
  16. Jury speech
  18. Frookies are not for me
  19. <3
  20. someone have links for BB19
  21. how do you say to the people you are working with
  22. when you fail to be the last player on a frookies
  23. I told I was gay
  24. Weird question
  25. Dear God
  26. Do you ever feel like your loyalty to people
  27. how do you post a gif
  28. Is mobafire still a good website
  29. who wanna league
  30. do you have weird ads
  31. You were deserving payouts
  32. PYN for an opinion
  33. Stars support
  34. robbed
  35. HUM
  37. Dua Lipa's new songs <3
  38. When you are opening snaps
  39. what is the snap's update about
  40. Askme

A little late

Dec 9, 2017 by Styxxe
I didnt see you posted your name until now -

Sergiooo :) We used to be good friends! You were honestly a sweetie with me or with the people close to you, standing up for them when needed. I have nothing bad to say about you!! If I'm talking in the past its because we don'ttt talk that much anymore and if I want to be fully honest, I don't feel we are that close now, but that's life. I wish you best, like always :)


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