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do you think Jul 30, 2017
a shirtless blog will be me top blog again
Points: 39 2 comments
sometimes Jul 30, 2017
just because your skin is white doesnt mean you look good.
you still look dusty, your hairline is uneven and youre fat with alot of pimples on your face
Points: 157 5 comments
im obsessed Jul 30, 2017
with SexGoddx
Points: 30 2 comments
what is tbb2? Jul 30, 2017
Points: 69 4 comments
do you still have to spam to Jul 30, 2017
win a poll /to win stars ?
because last time i got a ugly 9th (i'm not about that spamming life) and i don't need that again
Points: 31 3 comments
my user name is so ghetto Jul 30, 2017
who did i think i was at 13
Points: 28 3 comments