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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


1stSep 22, 2012 by StaRfReSh33
First off let me start by saying i NEVER thought that i would have been in finals when i first joined a week ago cause come on look at all the huge names that was in there. BBdamian JordanLloydFan DorkishBarbi Phenomanimal LadyLidzard just to name a few. I knew if i had any shot at all I had to make big moves and fast. There was NO time to lose. Anyways before this blog gets extremely long i will start.

For 16th place the noms were Brandon and Carlena or Dorkish and Ry. I knew those were all huge threats so i had to think carefully. I decided i'd nom Dorkish and Ry cause they were both popularity threats and gameplaying threats. This was perfect cause no one from the OC would suspect me and i would leave the alliance who is known for their backstabbing ways scrambling to get those votes and force them to stick together a bit longer! Everyone assumed i was voting with the OC and that was the way i wanted it so I didnt tell anyone on the other side what i was doing so there would be NO leaks.

For 15th I again nommed against the OC I nommed Jon and Jack cause Jon was the person i was most scared of and the person i didnt trust the most. It split and jason was nommed with Jack. Jack stayed and the votes were tied again

(counter)For 14th i knew if i didnt pick the correct side i would have been screwed so I decided to start voting with the OC. I nommed Lady and Super. My nommes went through and to my shock lady got evicted cause she was the bigger gameplayer of the 2

(counter for like and hour) 13th came around and i again stuck with the OC but to my surprise JordanLloyd and Ryguyy flipped and everyone knew they did instantly which was perfect for me cause that means Jon and Jamie would be gunning for each other and all i had to do was choose the right side.

The next day the OC decided to target Brandon and Phenom cause they leaked that jordan flipped and wanted Brandon out so that was an easy choice for me

11 place came around and the nommes were super or Jon or Jamie and i cant remember who but i knew i wanted jon gone for the longest of times so i had to take  a shot at him so i nommed super and jon in the hopes super who take him out like he did lady but the nommes were jordan and super. I was happy when jamie stayed cause it meant i still had numbers on my side

When jordan got nommed he automatically blamed phenom and beautiful and wanted them nommed which was an easy nom set for everyone cause they were both huge popularity threats

At this point my name was going around so i decided to play a little risky. Jon and Brady were both counter nommes with me. Everyone was all over the place though but i knew no one was gonna go unnommed in this stars with all the huge names, I had to make a move so I decided to nom Brady vs Jon in the hope that if i do get nommed it will be against someone i have a chance to stay against

At this point Jon and Jamie were enemies and were gonna try to get each other out no matter what. I needed to choose my side very carefully and i did. Jon wasnt nommed and he needed to get out so i nommed BB and theexiest hoping Julian stayed but he was evicted so i had to work with what i had available so that i not be nommed again

The next day was another easy vote. Jon and Jumbo were seen as a powerful pair and i knew even though they are unpopular 1 of them needed to go. This would limit my options though cause i knew when 1 of those left the only other person i could survive in an eviction against was the survivor of this

Next round i was stuck i didnt want the survivor of this to be nommed and i knew bbdamian was gonna nom jordan. I however wanted Ryguy out and didnt think Jon would be capable of that so i decided to nom Jordan and Ry. It didnt go through and Jordan didnt know i wanted that so everything was still looking good for me.

5th place nommes  sucked but it had to be done. If Jamie wasnt nommed he was willing to take dannyjr to finals and ummm i knew there is no one else i could have stayed against when jon left so i nommed jordan and phenom. I knew phenom would have stayed and hopefully me blaming the split on danny would make jordan not nom me on his way out. I am really sorry jamie but it had to be done.

4th place nommes I knew i couldnt let anyone go unnommed and i was hoping gaston and ry felt the same way too. I went to phenom and told him that danny cant go unnommed and ry could probably take him out but if those 3 went to finals together it would be difficult to get his first. Jamie told me he wasnt going to nom either danny or i when he gets evicted which I knew meant i wouldnt go up for 4th.

I know this blog is long but i needed everyone to see that I am underestimated when it comes to stars but no matter what anyone says i wasnt a sheep to anyone. I did what i thought was best and what i thought would have benefitted me the most and I hope that you can see this and give me your vote in finals. I know I am the underdog but every dog has his day so please reward me with the win!


Oh you go Dexter with your bad self < 3
Sent by Sweetheart95,Sep 22, 2012
oh :O
Sent by BlueLagoon506,Sep 22, 2012
I think you had the easiest time since there were so many big names going after each other. 3rd? please
Sent by Survivor8,Sep 22, 2012
Sent by Brittanyy,Sep 22, 2012
Congratz On Finals :) Hope you get at least 2nd :)
Sent by VoLcOmVaNs,Sep 22, 2012
Grats :)
Sent by Florina,Sep 22, 2012
+10 great job! good luck, Dexter =]
Sent by Lemjam6,Sep 22, 2012
Sent by wwemrpeeps,Sep 22, 2012
I'm sorry Dexter, but you were one of the most worthless players in this game.
Sent by Ryguy,Sep 22, 2012
you are a fucking idiot and seriously who typed all this up for you because you aren't that smart
Sent by dorkishbarbi,Sep 22, 2012
+15!  Good luck! :P
Sent by Insanity,Sep 22, 2012
good luck StaRfReSh33
Sent by Rebelman2227,Sep 22, 2012
congrats for making this far!
Sent by Jirachi,Sep 22, 2012
good luck:)
Sent by Jacob_96,Sep 22, 2012
Sent by Boots22,Sep 22, 2012
there's this thing. it's called grammar. usually people at least make an attempt to follow these rules, especially when they are asking someone to do something.
Sent by maxiphone27,Sep 22, 2012
I think you played decent enough, when you have people bitching at you even when the game is over with (for them) you know you've done something right.

Not revealing what your real thoughts were seemed to work for you, though it made it harder for you to get the noms you wanted up actually up. But as you said no leaks that way!
Sent by Cosgrove,Sep 22, 2012
Dexter I knew you nominated me for 5th, I wish you'd have let me know rather then let me read it in a blog, but thats whatever.

At the end of the day, its a game, we all played it, and I think you played it damn well.
Sure you weren't always the prime target considering the "big names" in there.. but you still managed to weave your way through the cast and do whats best for you, and honestly, thats very admirable.

You and danny were my closest allies so I was always gonna be loyal to the both of you, whether or not you backstabbed me, cuz thats just who I am. Hopefully if we find ourselves in another stars together you wont royally fuck me, considering I was giving you finals anyways lol.

Gl in the game, hope you get a decent percentage. :)
Sent by JordanLloydFan,Sep 22, 2012
Voted for you! :D #TeamStarfresh
Sent by Waffle,Sep 23, 2012
good luck :*
Sent by dmann,Sep 23, 2012
Sent by LouisRibarich,Sep 23, 2012
Great job
Sent by devileye1395,Sep 23, 2012
lmaoooooo dorkishbarbi
Sent by sjsoccer88,Sep 23, 2012

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