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Randomize needs to ban the multis again

4thJan 4, 2020 by SmoothStalker12
If you look at the games page, I guarantee 9 out of every 10 fastings and the majority of castings are now full of multis.

How are new players, people who actually want to play on the site for the first time, supposed to learn what the site is? I mean, imagine being a noob, creating an account, joining a fasting, and then being voted out for 15th over and over and over again?

If the games created for new players are diluted with multis, the site has NO potential to grow at all. If Randomize wants to continue his revenue stream from, he needs to log back in and get rid of the multis. We all know that many of the active users are giving up and leaving the site, and at this rate there will be very few new people joining. Not to mention the fact that multis are now leaking back into Stars, Survivor, and Rookies, making almost every game on this site pointless to play unless you have multiple accounts.

2020 will be the end of Tengaged, unless Randomize does something about it


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Preach X2
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We been knew
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Preach X3
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Sent by Vasquis,Jan 4, 2020
Completely agree. We, collectively, are on the verve of the destruction and implosion of a community that is over a decade old. And I only say we because whether you have multis or not, we are all, whether intentionally or unintentionally, have contributed to this recently explosion of multis.

Before joining my first Stars game this past weekend, I was completely on the side of "yeah I don't use múltiples accounts so this isn't really my problem", but after watching how the game transpired and just in general witnessing the amount of multi games filling in 2 and a half minutes, and watching so many players become demoralized, new and old, quit the site to never return; I'd definitely say that its up to all of us to call out bullshit when we see it. And most importantly, we shouldn't encourage the behavior in general. If we know that a player is using multis and we just turn a blind eye, that is so much more than encouraging multi use -- I truly feel that every person that I've seen who uses multis has a very power-hungry vibe to them that reeks of insecurity and the begging for instant gratification. We shouldn't be encouraging either of those.

But I do agree, that banning of multis would be a great start, but not encouraging the behavior could also have some beneficial effects.
(Sorry this most recent Stars has got me worried for Tengageds longevity)

Sent by Sultana,Jan 4, 2020
Which is why I don't do fastings anymore. People can't win fairly
Sent by gumball221520,Jan 4, 2020
yes multis have ruined this site but at the same time if they wanna do their thing in Rookies games i'll still bet on them lmaoooooo

but yeah the games here aren't fun at all anymore due to the no-life bitches like how can people seriously enjoy themselves when instead of playing a game they just log into one account, log out,  log into another, and do the same thing??? like is that really why people joined this site?
Sent by etaco75,Jan 4, 2020
It’s really sad.
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For sure
Sent by Russell11,Jan 5, 2020
Well he doesn't care as long as people still waste money on buying ts which people are sadly I have no idea why you would waste real money on here?
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