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Kaela > Paras

May 11, 2018 by SeanDouglas
The jury was so anti-Kaela she wasn’t never gonna win and all those jury questions were pro-Paras and Kaela’s questions were meant for her to self destruct. Kaela was robbed honestly.

And will is the worst house guests EVER



Hes the fucking worst
Sent by Piddu,May 11, 2018
hmm idk :/
Sent by meduncan,May 11, 2018
If the jury was anti-Kaela but pro-Paras it's because Paras played a better social game...
Sent by __A__,May 11, 2018
__A__ no they couldn’t handle the fact Kaela played better then them, Paras starting playing the last two weeks of the game
Sent by SeanDouglas,May 11, 2018

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