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PYN Sep 9, 2021
For a Friday The 13th Character

Nateclove - Vickie aka the girl who wanted to bang hot wheelchair guy
Kindred7 - Alice the original final girl who yeeted off Jason's raggedy mom's head
TurkeyLover - Vera the girl who drops wallets into lakes
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Rain848 Jul 5, 2021
image Rain848 the Eevee slander ends here
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I wonder... Jul 3, 2021
How Lucy Luscious ( Nateclove ) & Deer-yandra ( Pennytrationstan ) are doing.

Are they still friends?

Did Deer-yandra finally snap and kill Lucy?

Did Lucy learn how to properly drive?

Will we get a season 2?

The people wanna know.
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Thinkin about... Jul 3, 2021
That time in the Jigsaw RP when TurkeyLover was actually jigsaw and knocked my ass out after I cut off my own foot to survive the game.

Or how she locked my other character up to slowly die because he did his job as a detective.

I haven't forgotten this, count your days bitch.
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I just really... Jul 3, 2021
Love Eevee okay?

Look at him!

Unbothered ✅
Sleeping ✅
Comfortable ✅
Cute ✅
Free of all responsibilities ✅

All things I strive for. I wish everyone could be like Eevee. Anyway that's my 4 AM thoughts for you.
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No title Oct 15, 2012
It won't let me delete this so if you click it enjoy this :
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