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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Thinkin about...

Jul 3, 2021 by Scarelet
That time in the Jigsaw RP when TurkeyLover was actually jigsaw and knocked my ass out after I cut off my own foot to survive the game.

Or how she locked my other character up to slowly die because he did his job as a detective.

I haven't forgotten this, count your days bitch.


Ok but I got stabbed in the stomach and died after coming out of a crashed, burning car without a single scratch
Sent by nateclove,Jul 3, 2021
Nateclove and then your detective had a random heart attack and died ❤ it was a wild ride.
Sent by Scarelet,Jul 3, 2021
LMFAJSHSNDNR saw was so good
Sent by turkeylover,Jul 3, 2021

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