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  1. watch out.
  2. its absurd
  3. my number 1 friend on tg
  4. the one and only
  5. kinggg
  6. birthday month
  7. Buy gold or a gift for a friend ?
  8. fill more multi rookies
  9. me
  10. anyone not boring
  11. hi
  12. .
  13. me @ that blog
  14. thank you so muchhh <3
  15. oh my
  16. I’m a bandwagon and bored 🥳
  17. girl
  18. join frooks +4
  19. why vote me out in survivor?
  20. really novamax eating all the food
  22. +6 survivor
  23. thanks for joining survivor
  24. survivor!
  25. I have $457.2 T
  27. I’m a slut
  28. Does anyone watch American horror story?
  29. thank uu
  30. dumbasses rly doing frook charities
  31. Rare rankings
  32. Any friends want anything
  33. I’m good at everything I do
  34. neg my blog again
  35. holly Beth Allen Wyoming 67 n 24
  36. Can peas123
  37. Ginnifer
  38. Can someone gift systrix
  39. i wanna mistype and misspell on purpose too
  40. alex killed bryce

I’m a bandwagon and bored 🥳

Jan 19, 2020 by Sameed27
OPINIONS??? pyn!

marieeve my tengaged mother. I absolutely just love talking to you! It was such a shame that you were voted out of survivor when we were doing so well! <3

notafraid don’t rly know you that well but I do remember playing music games on Skype & you seemed rly nice !! Do you remember Patrick and Sean?

lexeyjane there aren’t enough words in the dictionary to describe how wonderful you are. I love you so muchhh ❤️!! You will forever and always be my best friend on tengaged. PS. I I miss our daily calls last summer 19’ but we will be making that 2020 come back tho.. 2020 summer isnt even ready for #lexmeed

youndandreckless king! i do not have that many memories of you, but i do remember aligning with you in a frooks or hunger? You're friends with zay so thats an automatic plus!! Hopefully we can get to know each other better soon.

bigbrotherdonny even though you're mad at me for like 0 reasons whatsoever, I guess I will be the bigger person and forgive you. In all seriousness, I was a noob and had like no friends bc I was so naive and dumb. You helped me throughout tengaged, and introduced me to new friends and I will always be grateful for that!! I have great memories with you :")


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Gabbie 🖤
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oops me ***
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I sheep
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Okay sameed27!
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ily  son ♡
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