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Is this Person playing a Good Big Brother Game?

Dec 2, 2018 by RightToCensor
-Achieved a Diamond of Veto via random
-Has won 3 HOH's 1 Veto
-Gotten out 2 huge threats with 2 of those HOH's
-Is protected by almost the entire house
-Has yet to be nominated
-Has held their power for 9 rounds


Hmmm I wouldn’t say they are a good big brother player since they are protected by the WHOLE house and literally don’t need to do anything lol
And even though they got out two threats they only did that because they were protected by the whole house so like they were all together so it wouldn’t have been a shocker.
Sent by Rubes,Dec 2, 2018
Tengaged logic: If it is a female, she is a strategic queen. If it is a male, it is rigged for him, omg sooo boring and predictable, he actually sucks, I hate him.
Sent by sk9ergal,Dec 2, 2018
Kinda, but is playing too hard
Sent by BritishRomeo17,Dec 2, 2018
sk9ergal spitting true facts!
Sent by boicam77,Dec 2, 2018
This is a very eloquent blog.
Sent by Chameleon777,Dec 2, 2018

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