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i wanted this hair :( Apr 6, 2020
imageis like me (photo)
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Hey guys! Apr 4, 2020
imageThis bitch is back-
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Nom for 9th in Stars Feb 27, 2019
imageok, this is my point of view, we went to stars in a group to play and it was something for a few Spaniards for once but even so I never denied the word to any American, I spoke and had conversations with everyone, constance, delete, Jason, and it was nice.

During the first days we nominated in a group but in the renominations I did not want to follow the course of the alliance and I tried to move on my own, I spoke with Jason to try to gather all the Americans and vote with them against pancakes and berti but they played in his against to try not to leave nominated and it did not go well.

The initial pact of the group of Spaniards was to draw lots to decide the nominations when only one American remained in the game, so today they came out berti and jaylen but, varlto and I already knew that they were going to betray us, therefore it is not a surprise the disloyalty of these characters. I could not help it either because one of the two Americans and all the other Spaniards less criss, voted against me.

My game has been loyal and I have never left anyone aside, it is in your hands. Thank you!
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Level Black <Photo> Feb 20, 2019
image+10 for all
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Nom for 9th in Stars Nov 7, 2018
imageMy second nomination, i know will probably evict me but i dont want get out.
I will try one more time, i need save me because some people spamming against me and raffle gifts but i wanna talk about my game.

My first stars, im join alone and I try to control my game was been a free agent.
Start my game with very alliances but i dont trust on anybody. This people was thinking im dumb but not. With the pass of time, each time i will try to make a move, i heard the set at 5 minutes in the mouth who i want on the set. So, this people are very false(i talk in general, not all) and try to betrayed me, but when I smelled that they were going to betray, I did it first, for that fact maturo was against me, because he try to betray me but when he did, i do my job, but i didnt nom him because i always stay focus on my objetives and not in my feelings, the problem is these people that dont want make moves for win the stars.

For that, save me in stars! Vote for classi

Thanks for support me! 馃挋
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(Videoblog) Support me in Stars Nov 6, 2018

Bitches im with my piyama but doesnt matter, sorry for my not speach but im spanish and i dont know speak a lot of english 馃槄馃槄馃槄

Save me in Starssss!!!
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