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Have you ever wondered May 6, 2020
what would happen with this web in the eventual case of randomize's death??
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My own #Selfiegate Apr 30, 2020
imagei know the trend may be a little outdated but i wanna post my selfie anyway

hope you like it #selfiegate
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PYN Apr 7, 2020
and I predict the date you will become COVID+ (100% reliable)

maxi1234: April 19th
thirteen: May 1st
SkullBlondie: you won't be infected
ShaneDawson12345: you are infected since April 3rd, tomorrow the first symptoms will appear
Arris: April 9th
Alexxiia: April 14th
TotalDramaLover1234: You are an asymptomatic case since March 28th, congratulations
pancakes: you won't get coronavirus but you will be infected by Yersinia pestis instead because of a lack of hygiene
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Hola gente!! Mar 26, 2020
Cómo andamos? Si queda alguien vivo del .es que me cuente qué tal lleva la cuarentena, espero que estéis todos bien
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hola mi gente Jul 14, 2019
cómo está todo el mundo por aquí?
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hola malditos muñecos Nov 3, 2018
qué tal?
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