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  1. im sleeping in shirts and underwear tonight
  2. me when britney
  3. the light is coming
  4. i havent been watching survivor
  5. how's everyone's thursday going?
  6. loves staying up till near 6am
  7. ummmm
  8. i'm so sad
  9. What do I do I hate my boyfriends new haircut
  10. :(
  11. horny and craving penis
  12. My new life motto:
  13. I hate Kansas so much
  14. depressing
  15. why is it snowing
  16. drunk and in love
  17. male on male gay sex is sexy as fuck
  19. raindrops
  20. :((((
  21. :(
  22. im so sad
  23. hi is there anyone
  24. what does it mean
  25. Thoughts on Tengaged relationships?
  26. when you hate someone so much
  27. Happy National Coming Out Day to my fellow LGBT's!..
  28. This isn't goodbye. :)
  29. *sigh*
  30. Amazing Trump rally in Kansas tonight!
  31. can we get it down to white lvl
  32. Anyone else in Kansas
  33. Does anyone else pop their boner?
  34. You know you're THAT type of gay
  35. Femme Fatale
  36. I'm so sad :(
  37. Current mood
  38. LMAO WTF
  39. Has anyone else ever slept
  40. I'm in love with someone on this website

I want that design

Mar 26, 2018 by Obstreperous
No one else bet on it

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