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2ndMar 19, 2017 by Obstreperous
image"Ditch the bitch and make the switch!"

"If I'm going out - have you seen the movie Carrie.. where she's got the bucket of blood and they dump it and she's like this psycho witch? It's like - hi, just call me Carrie instead of Karen!"

Cassandra: "I miss my boyfriend"
Karen: "Don't start!"

Karen: "It's so nutty. Yesterday to watch all the squirrels run around like crazy."
Gary: "I know and I was one of those damn squirrels and then I got exhausted."
Karen: "And so then they're all scrambling again today."

"Those three boys stabbed him directly in the back, and stabbed me... in the face."

Karen describes everyone's memory wall photos as "drivers license on steroids" except for Jackie, who she says looks "pleasant."

"I'd rather fall with giants than lie with ants."

"And if Dillon comes down, I'll just put on some dress clothes." 

"Who is in that bathroom, because if it's Kevin Martin you're on the block next!"

Cassandra: "Canada isn't going to like that he (Dallas) said that."
Karen: "Well, did Canada even like him to begin with?"

"You're gonna have hair coming out your ears when you turn 30."

"They're all a bunch of chicken shits!"

''I'm an old flipping lady its laughable ... I'm a girl 145 pound 53 year old women."

"Forget these fucks!"

"I don't care about the haters. I'm not inviting them over for dinner."

"I don't knock the dick out of your mouth when you're working, honey."

Karen: "This is why none of ya fuckin' won... except, Gary, you should have won."
Cassandra: "What about me? I was pretty close to winning."
Karen: "I don't give a fuck. You guys are so fucking braindead. This is why you all fuckin' lost!"

"Buckin' boom!"

"You're as sympathetic as my husband!"
"My arms are falling off, they're jello."

"A 53-year-old body needs to be repleted."

"Can you tell me how many gummy vitamins I'm supposed to have? So far I've had 4."

"I don't like choco-lat unless it's Gary Levy choco-lat!"

"I was having an unnamed popular sandwich artist turkey sandwich."
"I work with my own program and fuck off!"

Karen miming using a golf club: "If its golf I'll fucking kill it! And if it's a soccer comp, tennis comp, basketball comp, volleyball comp, baseball comp -- I'm good at all those! I'll win it."

"I would much rather be stabbed in the back than straight to my face. It hurts more to my face."

"Gary, here's what we're gonna do! We're gonna hide like cats and jump out at 'em!"

"Let's count up the girls!" Then proceeds to count William and Gary as 'girls.'

"Okay, that shit's over! Let's move on, back to game." -Karen after reading her HOH letter crying.



Sent by ashszoke,Mar 19, 2017
LMAO I love this
Sent by BluJay112,Mar 19, 2017
I love her LOL
Sent by WannaBeeFriends,Mar 19, 2017
Sent by BrendaMeekz,Mar 19, 2017
i love my mom
Sent by Jarrett,Mar 19, 2017
Cassandra: "Canada isn't going to like that he (Dallas) said that."
Karen: "Well, did Canada even like him to begin with?"
Sent by temponeptune,Mar 20, 2017
this isn't even after 1 full week of material. this is iconic. Karen is iconic.
Sent by snowflake3,Mar 20, 2017

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