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Aug 18, 2014 by NeonCoke
I've been on this site since February 14th 2014 and haven't made one serious friend. Yay me! haha


ugh I guess your looks came in the way
Sent by CutieAmy,Aug 18, 2014
It's because people seem to arrogant and stuck up to make any. Especially based on colour level. They don't wanna be seen speaking with a "noob"
Sent by makosi,Aug 18, 2014
Sent by realityfreek,Aug 18, 2014
haha sadly you're right makosi :( people suck :P

realityfreek you don't even talk to me anymore....
Sent by NeonCoke,Aug 18, 2014
NeonCoke best off sticking with yourself boo! No drama :)
Sent by makosi,Aug 18, 2014
NeonCoke its not from lack of trying
Sent by realityfreek,Aug 18, 2014
oh wow NeonCoke
Sent by Thanos,Aug 19, 2014

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