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The NeonCoke's blog

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Neoncoke is back! Jan 14, 2022
After 4 years I’m back!

We’ll see how long it lasts …. Haha
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??? Aug 9, 2018
Tag somebody who is a good person and why
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...... Jun 23, 2017
I haven't been on in 4 months, what did I miss? haha

EDIT* and what happened with all of the shop/aucution prices? everything was like 1000T when I left and now they are down to like 200/300?
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Shops/Auctions Nov 24, 2016
I have over 1000 T's for somebody that can get me some ombre male hair in shops/auctions.
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TBH... Oct 8, 2016
imagemy favorite scene from Bronte in White Chicks
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BB18 Rankings Aug 16, 2016
[I don't watch the feeds so this is based 100% off the show that is shown on cable]


1. Michelle [even though she cries a lot and hasn't done much I may be biased because she was my pre-season favorite]

2.Natalie [My prediction as America's Favorite]

3. James


5. Victor [I disliked him at first but the big move with putting up Paulie and Corey made me gain a little respect for him]


6. Corey [I honestly forget he is on the show most of the time]

7. Nicole [I really wanted to like her this season but at this point I can't stand her]

8. Paulie [Douchebag, wouldn't be surprised if he gets boo'd at his eviction]
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