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Not tonight but tomorrow or sum, I played once before and shits fun
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Hey Tengagers I Need Your Help On This Poll Apr 23, 2017
I just used my one sense of safety in this iconic game hosted by rahrah and ashszoke and now I need a new power. Please vote for me here in the link below so I can continue to fock shit up as these people truly do not like me :P

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Can You Vote For Me In A Poll Apr 14, 2017
I do hate to keep asking for help but I truly know no one and I really want to stay in this game I'm playing. Can you vote for me to stay my name is Nehemiah. I'd appreciate it so much.

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Taylor St. Louis on Sequester Mar 24, 2017
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Please Help Me Feb 22, 2017
I played a underdog game in this fun group game and I' love if I can get the chance to win. I don't know much people so I'm at the biggest disadvantage but I'd love  a chance to win

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I need Help Feb 21, 2017
I'm one eviction away from making finals in a game I'd grown to love and it would be amazing if you evict someone other than me. Preferably Adam or Maggie as they are the most atm getting votes.

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