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Mini Bits

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Out of all your tengaged friends... Mar 16, 2012
Who would you like to get drunk with? Who would you be scared to be drunk with?

It would be funny to get lemonface drunk! But I would stay away from connorthomson if some shots were being poured :S
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It's been awhile since... Mar 14, 2012
Titan24maniac was on to blog whore. THANK GOD.
Points: 26 2 comments
If I could date one tengager... Mar 10, 2012
It would definitely be lemonface

Beauty AND Brains ;D
America is looking real good right now :)
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If you were drunk... Mar 10, 2012
And you had to text one person to make sure you were still alive through the night, who would it be?

titan24maniac lemonface and phenomanimal would be mine ^_^
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If you had to pick your first kiss Mar 7, 2012
From Tengaged. Which horny bastard would you want to have it with?
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1 Lie. Mar 7, 2012
1) Phenomanimal has offered me his nudes
2) itsPipez lives a few doors down from my house
3)I am meeting titan24maniac
4) Mattygeee has offered me to be part of his 3some
5) 2008girl is black.

Edit: Is it bad that none of these are lies!?!?!?!?
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