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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

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Feb 24, 2024 by Minie
you can judge me idc but my pc table is so cool


Wow I love it you been slaying as Katarina
Sent by Jasmina,Feb 24, 2024
Oh it’s legittttt
Sent by sw33t,Feb 24, 2024
I love it and I mostly love the Mickey Mouse sitting next to it :) . I am a Mickey Mouse fan!!!
Sent by PrincessKandi2014,Feb 24, 2024
actually a tengager sent me that PrincessKandi2014
Sent by Minie,Feb 24, 2024
That is so sweet!! Minie I just bought a barbie doll from Walmart it is all because of it's all about Mickey. Won't play with it but I bought it to show off lol.
Sent by PrincessKandi2014,Feb 24, 2024
PrincessKandi2014 i did that with princess celestia
Sent by Minie,Feb 25, 2024

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