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No title Dec 16, 2017
who wants to WISK MY CAKE BATTER
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can anyone explain Dec 14, 2017
why Eminem has turned into such a piece of fucking garbage since his second album?

just curious i feel like he's just been going downhill ever since why isn't anyone telling him
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anyone want to see my cute tea cup Dec 13, 2017
its a snowman :)
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Leaving tengaged Dec 13, 2017
i don't get enough attention here bye
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y'all mind if I Dec 12, 2017
save Net Neutrality?

text RESIST to 50409 if you don't want to have to pay EXTRA to use tengaged.com because it isn't a part of your basic internet bundle
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my car isn't starting Dec 11, 2017
and i have a final in like 20 minutes
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