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  1. No title
  2. can anyone explain
  3. anyone want to see my cute tea cup
  4. Leaving tengaged
  5. y'all mind if I
  6. my car isn't starting
  7. is PE is child abuse
  8. i hate STEM majors
  9. #tbt
  10. who should I bully tonight
  11. i love money
  12. im not gay
  13. how do u know
  14. getting a butt tattoo
  15. if u don't like Banks
  16. what
  17. Sober 2 > Sober
  18. y'all really don't know
  19. my neighbors are moving out
  20. do people like biblegirl
  21. black friday shopping gives me diarrhea
  22. how come
  23. can someone help me out
  24. ok
  25. who wants to marry me
  26. isn't Petro mexican?
  27. No title
  28. Tove Lo is really a crack head isn't she
  29. how many
  30. someone
  31. Rimmer?
  32. Lauren Rimmer?
  33. something smells bad
  34. my chest hurts
  35. pyn & ill guess ur age
  36. what does Chrissy Teigen do?
  37. i hate staying up late
  38. i want to die
  40. sometimes i forget how good looking i am

y'all really don't know

Nov 28, 2017 by MickJagger
what OCD is do you?

damn take an intro psychology course it has nothing to do with organizing shit lmao


this has set off my ocd
Sent by FrOntIeRpSyChIaTrIsT,Nov 28, 2017
Ik people throw it around so much
Sent by Anas,Nov 28, 2017

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