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  1. A_la_fac just called me a spic
  2. that should be me
  3. Congrats
  4. Recovering frooks addict
  5. Fill Frooks, Come try and get me out
  6. frooks filling
  7. Fuck all of you that sent me spam on here
  8. Leaving TG
  9. Another era of Mexash is over
  10. tengaged is SO cooked
  11. PYN
  12. Recovering frooks addict
  13. Recovering frooks addict
  14. how much is a shop these days?
  15. happy birthday cam!
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  18. Cause every Mother’s Day
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  24. drinking urine
  25. All Mods Are Bastards
  26. Fuck you CheapCheep
  27. im in the top 200!
  28. i found a deeper well.
  29. Dallas Stars fumbled a 3-0 lead
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  31. i hate a certain user on tengaged
  32. certified lover boy?
  33. just finished my new diss track
  34. I can dish it
  35. i have a crush...
  36. Michele Fitzgerald
  37. farewell
  38. I miss my sister
  39. craving applebees
  40. i <3 white women

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Fuck all of you that sent me spam on here May 14, 2024
I only care about my brother bye
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Leaving TG May 14, 2024
Be kind.
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Another era of Mexash is over May 14, 2024
Be best tengaged 🇲🇽
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tengaged is SO cooked May 13, 2024
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PYN May 13, 2024
And I'll rate your avi from 1-10

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Recovering frooks addict May 13, 2024
As many of you know… I am a frooks addict. Since coming back to this site in late June, I have played close to a hundred games. At least 80% of them being frookies. For a period of time there was not a single day that I was not in at least one frooks, sometimes up to three or four. I have played frookies in bars, driving in cars, at the movies, in a room full of friends, parked next to the place I picked up my sushi, on a beach in hawaii. I have taken an exit on the highway to park my car on the side of the road just to get my fix (and I won that game too)! At some point you have to realize there’s a problem. Because of the rotation and games being so limited, for so long I felt the need to join every game because it could be another day till the next (and seeing a frookies filling is so thrilling), but recently I’ve taken the time to step back and realize like damn it is not that serious. I genuinely have an amazing life and the only reason I play these games is because I am extremely competitive and this site is so unique in the fact that you’re constantly competing against real people. I will still definitely play frookies but I am slowly trying to distance myself because I’ve realized I have put getting that validation from others over my responsibilities , friends and the rest of the shit going on in my life. Like yesterday I had a two hour drive to my college town for country night and I got there almost an hour late cause I wanted to finish my frooks game before the trip and made my friends have to wait for me. This is kinda cringe don’t judge me that hard but I hope some others can relate at least a bit
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