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slow casting Aug 3, 2011
i'm in this worst slow casting where i don't know anybody. they don't talk much, they don't plus u back, this is the worst casting ever. I miss my buddys :((
Points: 11 3 comments
SLOW CASTING Aug 3, 2011
man this is probaly my favorite casting of all, because i met some awesome ppl. I love you guys, that means, sweet girl amI, kind hearted mary, charming lovable dex, and of course, alex, my sweet friend from italy. i love you all and hope some day we will play again
Points: 75 7 comments
I don't know what else to put on this blog (I'll just write a poem).... Aug 1, 2011
Can someone save me from this nightmare
Can someone comfort me into their arms
Can someone rescue me from the fear
Can someone love me for who I am
Can someone believe in me to give me courage
Can someone ever do something nice to one person or all
Can someone think before you spoke hurts word
Can someone wipes my tears from my sadness
Can someone take my hands from falling of a cliff
Can someone make me laugh to put a smile on my face
Points: 6 1 comments
ahhhh!!!! Aug 1, 2011
imageMy stalker is going to post comment XD LMAO
Points: 2 1 comments
OMG!!! Aug 1, 2011
hahha I got myself a stalker in the game XD LOL
Points: 6 4 comments
fast casting Aug 1, 2011
I don't get the game fast casting...
when ppl join in they are active and talkitive and plussing ppl, but then comes inactive that don't talk or don't vote... so if its suppose to be fast why is there ppl that joins in and then they leaves making themselve inactive and making the game very slow. What don't they undestand that its a fast casting not a slow casting. Hello wake up !!!!
Points: 6 4 comments