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Bb can wildcards

Mar 3, 2016 by Maya10
I voted for tim and veronica

Girls --> nikki from UK
Guys --> tim from Australia

What are your thoughs darlings
My thoughs i didnt want nikki since she looks crazy from the video i watch when i went to vote
Time he will bring some awesome laugh in the house



I think the exact same thing tbqh Maya10

Nikki seems like a complete nutjob in her BBuk clips they showed and Tim seems really good...hopefully being a nutjob though, will be entertaining.

I also voted the same way as you, ironically. xD But just didnt wanna see Jase in, out of those 4.
Sent by FlamingJojo,Mar 4, 2016
Lol i was like "usa can stay in America. Tim your awesome your in. Nikki you beling in a crazy hospital. Veronica, bring some italy into the house to get the boys going xD"

But we will see how those wildcard will play
Sent by Maya10,Mar 4, 2016
Haha I love the Veronica idea. ;) Too bad we don't get to see how she'd done..but i'd loved someone better than Jase..he looks like a hot mess and so not worth a chance like this. xD

I hope they play well, but this is nothing like bbuk or bbaus, so it will definitely be interesting, how they choose to play. ^,^
But I loved this twist and am so excited, for how this season will be. :D
Sent by FlamingJojo,Mar 4, 2016
"i voted for veronica" who even is veronica
Sent by rollingderp,Mar 4, 2016
As someone didnt watch bbcanada >.>
Sent by Maya10,Mar 5, 2016

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