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Thoughts on final episode (rpdr)

Jun 15, 2018 by Matthew09
I fast forwarded just to the American performance and final lip sync.
“American” number LOVED Eurekas and id give Kamerons second then Aquaria.
Overall it’s obvi it’s Aquarias to take the win. Could see Eureka winning too.
Asia shouldn’t be top 4. Ru prob only has here there if they do another s9 finale lip sync battles well they need 4 to compete. Other than that that’s really the only reason I think he brought Asia. Older seasons she would have got 4th and not make top 3. #rpdr


wonder if Ru pulls a Sasha Velour LOL

Sasha Velour deserved to win btw.
Sent by RightToCensor,Jun 15, 2018

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