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  1. Lover ranking
  2. When A Stranger Calls (1977)
  3. I can't stop listening to this...
  4. he knows he's giving his money to Megan.
  5. Anything I forgot?
  6. Things I wish were said on BB more.
  7. why are we cheering Jackson
  8. Ban All Guns.
  9. Done with woman.
  10. I got Black I got white what u want
  11. If I were to do a blog story series
  12. This song doesn't get enough credit
  13. Yeah I gotta be honest
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  16. fire is catching
  17. Jason Derulo deserves more credit
  18. has anyone used Knetbooks before?
  20. Cara Maria Sorbello
  21. Who is the HOH nomming/targeting
  22. but you didn't have to cut me off
  23. Is it weird if someone
  24. (+/-) Stranger Things 3 - Steve
  25. (+/-) Stranger Things 3 - Will
  26. (+/-) Stranger Things 3 - Billy
  27. (+/-) Stranger Things 3 - Erica
  28. Bella/Nick make Fessy look like Einstein
  29. I didn't expect this close of a race
  30. (+/-) Stranger Things 3 - Alexei
  31. Stranger Things: Nancy or Robin?
  32. am i the only one
  33. Rate my TG popularity & I'll rate urs
  34. The Bad Guy remix is NOT it
  35. I'm in awe. This was beautiful.
  36. this song is so underrated ugh
  37. Cliff is a dumbass
  38. ah haha
  39. Many times in the past
  40. Who cares if a fish is white or black?

Catching up on The Voice

May 19, 2019 by MJFJUNE
How did Adam save Mari but not that one dude idk his name


mari queen but yeah i liked dominic and kalvin too :(

kendra and presley were ROBBED
Sent by Birks4444,May 19, 2019
Adam plays strategically rather than “fairly” so I think he thought Mari had the highest likelihood of getting enough votes to stay the next week compared to the other two regardless of whether he felt she had the best voice or not
Sent by mikec51,May 19, 2019
Um also never read a truer statement Birks4444
Sent by mikec51,May 19, 2019
YES! THOSE WERE THEIR NAMES!!! I enjoyed them both but specially Dominic. His vibe was dope. Birks4444
Sent by MJFJUNE,May 19, 2019

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